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To tell of about RKF Search Results, it is about educating businesses how to use WordPress Websites to promote their business in the best way possible.

About RKF Search ResultsTwo major reasons for using WordPress are it’s SEO (Search engine Optimization) capabilities and ease of ability to self manage it’s contents.

RKF Search Results guides you for all aspect of your website. Provides custom video coaching and illustrations.

RKF Search Results is your preferred Website Design and Internet presence source for you’re,  total Internet presence. We can serve you anywhere in the country, or in the world.

RKF Search Results includes with every new client, if desired, custom coaching videos for adding, editing or changing your website’s content, blogging assistance, Social Media and Website and Marketing to support you in being YOUR OWN webmaster to whatever extent you choose. Check with us before you begin. We are about empowering you, the website client to be in charge of your website’s content directly. RKF Search Results uses WordPress for it’s clients which will help you get started and help you on whatever level you want to add, delete, make changes to and be able to easily control any and all aspects of your Internet Presence.

Of course if you prefer for us to do it, that is fine too. In fact, since our prices are so reasonable, most of our clients don’t want to be bothered with doing themselves. They usually email the content to us to put together for them. We of course are happy to do that.

The most important part other than building your website is marketing it. We setup your Google account, connect your site with it and install a monitor so you can see your Google results, right from your WordPress website admin area. It shows many important aspects of your traffic from Google. It shows, where your traffic is coming from, Google search, Facebook, Twitter, via computer of mobile. What browser is used and more.


To learn more or to get started, contact RKF Search Results at


text or call at 561-287-0060

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