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So What is Social Media Marketing and Social Media Marketing Strategy?

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Post Times
What is Social Media Marketing? When it comes to Social Media Marketing, you of course want to make sure you maximize each and every single post to get the best reach.  If you’ve wondered if there’s a best time to do your social media marketing posts, there is. One of the best ways to maximize the reach of your Social Media Marketing posts is knowing the best (and worst) times of day to share content.  Are you still asking, what is social media marketing? Part of it is choosing the correct time as outlined below for the different Social Media Marketing channels. These times actually are different from site to site, but  this article’s got you covered with an the list and traffic characteristics of each, showing the best and worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

Some of the social media marketing channels are targeted best for consumers and some more for business. Clearly LinkedIn is  for business. No surprise there.

Facebook builds after 9 AM and Peaks at 3 PM
Worst is 8 PM to 8 AM
Traffic decreases after 4 PM and avoid Posting on Weekends
Looks like most active is working time after lunch especially during that commoon 3 PM time when some parts
of the world are doing their siesta?

For Twitter similar to Facebook 1pm 3 pm being the best with 8pm to 9 am being the worst
Traffic builds after 11 AM
Peak time being Monday thru Thursday
Avoid posting after 3 pm on Friday

Conversely the best time to post on LinkedIn is 7AM to 9AM and 5PM – 6PM
Traffic builds before and after business hours with the PEAK times, those hours Tuesday through Thursday.
Traffic fades 9AM to Noon and 1PM through 5PM
Posting to LinkedIn is best avoided on Monday and Friday.

Google+ has it’s best posting hours 9AM to 11aM with traffic building after 9AM with it’s:
Peak time during work hours.
Wost time to post is 6PM to 8AM with traffic fading after 5PM.
It is best to avoid posting in Google+ in the evening.

Pinterest best posting times are 2PM to 4PM and 8pm to 1AM.
Traffic for Pinterest builds after Noon and Saturday mornings.
The worst times to post on Pinterest is 5PM to 7PM, Dinner Hours?
Pinterest traffic fades after 5 PM so avoid posting in the late afternoon.

Not surprisingly, it doesn’t look good for your reach on any social media marketing sites when you post while people are fast asleep.

This as you can see is not time zone specific as it’s relative to the area in question. So if your fan base in different parts of the country or world you’ll want to to spread out your tweets and do a little experimentation to see what works best.

Mobile Website, Responsive Website? Should You Create a Mobile Website?

Mobile Website, Responsive Website

Mobile Website, Responsive WebsiteA mobile website, or responsive website means the website adjusts it’s layout to be easy to view and read on a mobile device.  The mobile device being a smart phone or tablet computer. Mobile Website and Responsive Website are “buzz words” for websites that has been around for a couple years. With the visitors of websites using their mobile devices on an ever growing scale, making your business website a mobile website is an increasing necessity. Also having a separate mobile website version is what many are doing. This access for visitors will provide an edge over your competition. Or it may be to just keep up with your competition. 

Though your “regular” website can be mobile friendly, you would be well served having your mobile – responsive website being separate because though your regular website can be arranged to look great on a desktop/laptop computer, it may not flow well on mobile viewing. Often best to have two versions. In addition, having dedicated Mobile Website as a “Landing Page”. This Landing Page would be on just one of your products and/or services. Also a mobile site for groups of your products, or services. Directing your visitors to these products and service mobile sites provide information and making available for purchase. That’s one of the many ways your product driven mobile websites can make a difference in your bottom line.

There are some who would argue that not every business needs a mobile website though reports of studies from credible sources say otherwise. As the sales of smart phones increases, more and more people are using mobile devices for doing their Internet browsing. Those businesses not providing a responsive website for their business as part of their Internet presence are loosing out on those visitors using their mobile devices to go their website. If the site isn’t mobile, they will likely find one that is.

For more ideas on this, see the the possibilities for extending your mobile Internet marketing.

QR codes, Powerful Marketing

QR codes, Powerful Marketing, .

qrcode.why-not-usedQR codes, Powerful Marketing has not been well accepted yet. The huge potential  here has not been utilized mostly due to improperly executed campaigns. Here are some reasons. When most people see a QR code displayed:

1) They either don’t really know what it is, because often times, Insufficient or NO information is given about it.

1a) They may not realize they can scan it using their smart phone using a downloadable app. If they do, because they don’t have any idea what to look for.

2) They began being implemented around 2011 when mobile access to the Internet was still increasing though had not surpassed PC access.

3) There were not enough mobile phone users, using smart phones. Smart phones and  tablet computers are the BEST way, other than a computer, desktop or  laptop,to access the Internet.

4) Most websites visitors were and still are NOT directed a mobile friendly website.

Here more articles to look at. Would love you to respond to rick@rkfsearchresults.com

Successful QR code campaigns

More QR code Strategies


Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile Payment Processing may be an important way of accepting for you’re business. It’s probably good to have both PayPal Here and Square.  I will say though that the best options are PayPal, Square and Intuit GoPayment. In that order.
See this article about:
PayPal vs. Square

paypal-square-intuitIn short, the biggest difference between these two is PayPal makes your money available immediately upon completing the transaction via the PayPal debit card. Square is next business day. This means if you use Square on a Friday, you won’t have access to that money till Monday. If the next business day is a weekday holiday, the following business day, when it gets deposited to your checking account. Also Square’s customer service is a joke. You can only contact them via email for an up to 24 hour response time. That’s it, no phone number, no online chat. PayPal Here has 24-7 phone support. If you need it in your checking account, you can put into your checking account either by withdrawing it via transfer which takes a couple days or as I said, use it via the debit card immediately. They are both very reliable to use, depending on your Internet connection.

Notice I haven’t talked about Intuit’s GoPayment. There’s a reason for that. Unless you want lots of expense for more tax write-offs you’ll want to avoid Intuit’s GoPayment.
See “Intuit Credit Card Processing = Very Expensive!


NFC tags vs QR codes

NFC vs. QRSaw a comment on LinkedIn discussion comparing NFC tags to QR codes, part of the comment saying they felt NFC tags are better than QR codes. The discussion began with someone not understanding why someone would show a QR code on a web page by itself without showing a actual link. As I’ve done with my website, having a QR code on each page of your website is good so anyone seeing it either on their own computer, or a friend’s can scan it and take it with them without the need to type in a web address aka URL.

Realize that one is not “Better” than the other, it’s about what it will do and how it does it. NFC (Near Field Communication) tag is a different way of connecting than a QR code. NFC is for short distance wireless transmission to your device vs. optical (reading/scanning) information. Though both can be used in some circumstances like product labeling (QR code) and tagging (NFC) menus or signage that you can touch or see. As mentioned showing on a web page is good for QR code where not so with NFC, or of course printed material is more practical with QR code than with NFC.

The point is here with this post is to help raise awareness of two mediums you can use in your marketing plans to increase your bottom line. 🙂

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Make More Money using QR code setups from RKF Search Results

Smart phone scanning QR codeA per my previous blog post on QR codes,  I was going to call this the DOs and DONT’s, though realized it is best to talk on what you want, not, what you don’t want.

I was also going to provide these tips in this post then realized providing it as a FREE E-book would be a better approach.

Get these tips of promoting your business Using QR Codes.

With smart phones being a much higher percentage with cell phone users, QR codes are one of the most powerful ways of promoting your business and selling your products and services when used correctly. Most who are using them do not and are missing some important features, greatly reducing their potential financial return.

Click here for the FREE  E-Book “Make More Money using QR code setups from RKF Search Results.”

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Your site on a Mobile vs. Mobile Friendly

Get Your Mobile Ready SiteIf viewing your website comes up like the phone on the left like on the computer, for your visitor’s phone…..

You’ll want to change to the display like phone on the right, to benefit from your Mobile Phone/Device visitors.

A responsive website will re-arrange the display to show your site in a more productive way for for the mobile device viewing it for better results.

Take a look:


QR codes for effective SEO

QR code and GoogleQR codes have been around actually 20 years when a subsidiary of Toyota began using them for managing auto parts.

In my last blog post I shared how useful QR codes are for marketing your business. Basically connecting your business’s printed information, business cards, post cards, ads etc, to your Internet presence.

Though I’d been aware of QR codes, when I learned of them previously I felt they could be effective though not yet. It was a client who inspired me to revisit them. As I’ve been researching the best ways to utilize them. One of the ways was confusing me. I mentioned it in my previous post regarding having QR codes on your website, as they could be read by Google and good for SEO. I wasn’t really clear on how that would work. Upon further research realized there are plugins/addons for the browsers to scan them and save data to your clipboard or add a contact to your email address book. I feel in reality that doing that is not a bad thing, it’s not like the browser reading it will necessarily help with your that web page’s search engine ranking.


As it stands now, using QR code on a web page is an effective way to allow you “Bookmark” by scanning it, for the website content to be on your phone or other mobile device.

In my next post,  the dos and donts of effectively using QR codes for your marketing.

For more information contact:

QR codes, for promoting your business

Are you using QR codes to promote your business? What is a QR code? QR stands for Quick Response and is a code that is scanned with a smart phone using a QR scanner App.

To the left is the QR code for this page. Use your phone to scan it via a QR code qrcode.rkfsearchresults.comVqr-codes-for-promoting-your-businessscanner app on your phone. You can also generate QR codes on RKF Search Results site by clicking HERE. If you haven’t installed one on your iPhone or Android yet, there are many available via search online or via your phone. Use this as a test for the one that works best for you and your phone as it depends on your phone, it’s camera etc.  In using QR codes for your business, you should know there is a lot they can be used for to quickly direct recipients to see what you have to offer in your Mobile Online presence. Not only your main website, you can provide additional sites and/or Mobile Phone Apps.

As smart phones are becoming more prevalent, QR codes are an easy way to get people to your MOBILE websites. Several mobile websites make for a multifaceted mobile presence. Also know that they are valuable for your search engine presence and ranking since Google reads them.

In your business you likely provide a number of services and or products, having a QR code for a presence showcasing each service and product you provide is a powerful way to get people to see what you have. They are great to use for specials you are running. You can be replacing specials under the same code, or different codes etc. Often specials or the destination of a QR code is referred to Static or Dynamic. Know that with RKF Search Results, a “Static QR code” cna behave like a “Dynamic QR code.

QR codes are useful for your printed materials like business cards, flyers, ads in publications and other printed  and as mentioned, on your website and additional categorized by services and products on additional mobile sites for your business. For your website, using WordPress RKF Search Results can put automatically generated QR code for every page on your website, specifically for that page.

When in print, making sure they are printed large enough to easily scan. 1″ by 1″ is usually recommended and on a non-glossy surface to prevent glare.

For more information contact RKF Search Results:

Protecting Your WordPress Website from Hackers

Protecting Your WordPress Website from Hackers

A couple weeks ago, security experts warned of a large distributed botnet attack against WordPress sites.

The unknown people behind the highly distributed attack are using more than 90,000 IP addresses to brute-force crack administrative credentials of vulnerable WordPress systems, researchers from at least three Web hosting services reported.

This doesn’t mean that WordPress is inherently insecure.  However with the vast WordPress install base, it is a big target for a large level attack.  Also, since many users have self-hosted WordPress, and either never updated, or are using “Admin” as their username along with a password that is not complex enough, like “P@ssw0rd” or other easily guessed passwords, they are open to attack.

If you have a WordPress site, here are a few steps you can take yourself:

  • Make sure your site is up to date with the latest WordPress code. RKF Search Results had in in place before the attack, though has improved security measures. Remember backup first. Then upgrade plugins. RKF Search Results takes care of this for ALL clients.
  • Install the plugin to Limit Attempts to Access Admin – this may not stop it cold as some reports indicate over 90k IP addresses in the botnet.  Still, this is worth while. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/limit-login-attempts/
  • Change your password (and ALL passwords for your site ) to something that uses at least 8 characters, including numbers, symbols and uppercase.
  • Do not use “Admin” as your user name for any account.  If you do, set up a new administrator account and delete the admin user. There are also plugins to do this.
  • You can install a second layer of security by installing an htaccess password.  Instructions here.

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