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QR codes for effective SEO

QR code and GoogleQR codes have been around actually 20 years when a subsidiary of Toyota began using them for managing auto parts.

In my last blog post I shared how useful QR codes are for marketing your business. Basically connecting your business’s printed information, business cards, post cards, ads etc, to your Internet presence.

Though I’d been aware of QR codes, when I learned of them previously I felt they could be effective though not yet. It was a client who inspired me to revisit them. As I’ve been researching the best ways to utilize them. One of the ways was confusing me. I mentioned it in my previous post regarding having QR codes on your website, as they could be read by Google and good for SEO. I wasn’t really clear on how that would work. Upon further research realized there are plugins/addons for the browsers to scan them and save data to your clipboard or add a contact to your email address book. I feel in reality that doing that is not a bad thing, it’s not like the browser reading it will necessarily help with your that web page’s search engine ranking.


As it stands now, using QR code on a web page is an effective way to allow you “Bookmark” by scanning it, for the website content to be on your phone or other mobile device.

In my next post,  the dos and donts of effectively using QR codes for your marketing.

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QR codes, for promoting your business

Are you using QR codes to promote your business? What is a QR code? QR stands for Quick Response and is a code that is scanned with a smart phone using a QR scanner App.

To the left is the QR code for this page. Use your phone to scan it via a QR code scanner app on your phone. You can also generate QR codes on RKF Search Results site by clicking HERE. If you haven’t installed one on your iPhone or Android yet, there are many available via search online or via your phone. Use this as a test for the one that works best for you and your phone as it depends on your phone, it’s camera etc.  In using QR codes for your business, you should know there is a lot they can be used for to quickly direct recipients to see what you have to offer in your Mobile Online presence. Not only your main website, you can provide additional sites and/or Mobile Phone Apps.

As smart phones are becoming more prevalent, QR codes are an easy way to get people to your MOBILE websites. Several mobile websites make for a multifaceted mobile presence. Also know that they are valuable for your search engine presence and ranking since Google reads them.

In your business you likely provide a number of services and or products, having a QR code for a presence showcasing each service and product you provide is a powerful way to get people to see what you have. They are great to use for specials you are running. You can be replacing specials under the same code, or different codes etc. Often specials or the destination of a QR code is referred to Static or Dynamic. Know that with RKF Search Results, a “Static QR code” cna behave like a “Dynamic QR code.

QR codes are useful for your printed materials like business cards, flyers, ads in publications and other printed  and as mentioned, on your website and additional categorized by services and products on additional mobile sites for your business. For your website, using WordPress RKF Search Results can put automatically generated QR code for every page on your website, specifically for that page.

When in print, making sure they are printed large enough to easily scan. 1″ by 1″ is usually recommended and on a non-glossy surface to prevent glare.

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Protecting Your WordPress Website from Hackers

Protecting Your WordPress Website from Hackers

A couple weeks ago, security experts warned of a large distributed botnet attack against WordPress sites.

The unknown people behind the highly distributed attack are using more than 90,000 IP addresses to brute-force crack administrative credentials of vulnerable WordPress systems, researchers from at least three Web hosting services reported.

WordPress ProtectionThis doesn’t mean that WordPress is inherently insecure.  However with the vast WordPress install base, it is a big target for a large level attack.  Also, since many users have self-hosted WordPress, and either never updated, or are using “Admin” as their username along with a password that is not complex enough, like “P@ssw0rd” or other easily guessed passwords, they are open to attack.

If you have a WordPress site, here are a few steps you can take yourself:

  • Make sure your site is up to date with the latest WordPress version. RKF Search Results had in place before the attack, though has improved security measures. Remember backup first. Then upgrade plugins. RKF Search Results takes care of this for ALL it’s clients.
  • Install the plugin ‘Limit Attempts’ to Access Admin – this may not stop it cold as some reports indicate over 90k IP addresses in the botnet.  Still, this is worth while. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/limit-login-attempts/
  • Change your password (and ALL passwords for your site ) to something that uses at least 8 characters, including numbers, symbols and uppercase.
  • Do not use “Admin” as your user name for any account.  If you do, set up a new administrator account and delete the admin user. There are also plugins to do this.
  • Install the plugin iThemes and configure it to help protect your website.
  • I recommend Sucuri as well. Though it is usually recommended to only use 1 security plugin I was informed that Sucuri will not interfere with the other.



Have Your Website on WordPress, Top 10 Reasons

Have Your Website on WordPress, Top 10 Reasons


1. Automattic is an Awesome Company, and it Takes Care of the WordPress code.

Reason 1  to have your website on WordPress.
These guys write amazing code, protect open source programming, fight spam, host affordable and educational conferences, take security seriously, and seem like genuine nice guys. Before platforms like WordPress, getting a similar system would have cost thousands. Often 10’s of thousands and upgrading or making changes would cost hundreds if not more thousands. There are a few others now, though WordPress is ranked highest in many ways.

2. The Plugins Give You More Functionality

Reason 2  to have your website on WordPress.
Like Apps on your phone? WordPress offers and “App Store” like inventory of plugins. It’s a searchable, one-click install directory of plugins for WordPress. Other platforms like Drupal and Joomla offer plugin functionality, however in  getting the best bang for your buck, the smooth and thorough implementation of WordPress plugins is second to none.  Plugins allow the addition of great photo galleries, sliders, shopping carts, forums, maps, and more for great functionality.   Their code is loaded with hooks that allow developers to add their code to virtually any aspect of WordPress without editing the core. RKF Search Results handles this for the client though. For best performance since one can easily add too many plugins when one or two carefully chosen will work best.

3. The Visual Editor and CMS are Outstanding

Reason 3  to have your website on WordPress.
CMS stands for “Content Management System”. Which means YOU can do it. You don’t need your webmaster for that. Though many of my clients prefer to have me do it. The WordPress editor is the most user friendly, the back end of WordPress is probably what made it so popular in the first place. I’ll never remember the relief I felt when I first installed WordPress after a few Drupal  and Joomla experiences.  I often tell my clients, “if you can do it in Word, you can do it in WordPress.”  Actually, with the Paste From Word tool, that statement is more true ever (this article was written in Word).  WordPress is continually improving its CMS, adding features such as threaded comments, galleries, revision histories, trash, custom post types, and more..

4. Blog Included with Your Site

Reason 4  to have your website on WordPress.
WordPress really came to fame for blogging and is still considered by many to be a blog platform.  Those who feel that way though are behind the times. It has evolved to be the leading CMS in the industry  Aside from the amazing advances in WordPress as a CMS the blog functionality is still the best in the business.  With categories, tags, threaded commenting, gravatars, easy theming, widgets, fantastic moderation controls, anti spam solutions, and plugin infrastructure, you can’t find a better blog solution.  Utilizing the  blog on your WordPress site is a great way to attract and involve visitors, and to keep Google paying attention.  If you don’t need a full site, and just want a quick blog, WordPress is the way to go.

5. Themes Let You Style Your Site

Reason 5  to have your website on WordPress.
There are many themes available, though RKF Search Results designs their clients themes.  Some clients may want to use more than one theme, say one for most of the year and modified versions to reflect the season or holidays. Changing themes can be done in a few clicks. Also variations on the main theme can be done for  some pages.

6. WordPress Security

Reason 6 to have your website on WordPress.
In recent weeks, with the popularity of WordPress growing so quickly, it has now become a target for hackers. Has recommended a number of steps to ward off hackers. RKF Search Results has been doing those already and then some. With the recent attacks is taking even more steps to defy hackers utilizing collaboration with other WordPress webmasters.

7. Google Loves WordPress

Reason 7  to have your website on WordPress.This is one of the biggest reasons for using WordPress, other than the all impressive “You Can Edit your own Website” with the features of permalinks, and the easy linking in WordPress would be naturally attractive to Google.  It’s been said, straight from the horse’s mouth.  Matt Cutts, the other awesome Matt and the head of Google’s “web spam team” spoke at WordCamp SF 2009 and said it directly – “Google Loves WordPress”. After saying this for the last year, again he said “WordPress is a great choice”, he goes on to gush about how much WordPress helps you get better results.  We always recommend a conversion to WordPress when doing SEO.

8. WordPress Sites are Accessible

Reason 8  to have your website on WordPress.
WordPress sites are usually built on relatively simple and accessible technologies. The web pages render in HTML and CSS allowing them to show up on iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, iPad, etc.  It’s also easy for alternative browsers such as text only browsers (see Lynx) which are excellent for those with disabilities. RKF Search Results can add the feature of not only seeing your site on mobile, also making it mobile friendly in that it adjusts automatically to your mobile screen size. This is called a responsive website,

9. Your Site Can Grow With You

Reason 9  to have your website on WordPress.
When you add up a lot of these features, you find that your WordPress site can grow with you over the years.  You can of course easily upgrade it with new features and additional security. You can add a new theme without redoing your whole site. You can add new plugins for enhanced functionality.

10. All of the above.

Reason 10  to have your website on WordPress.
OK, all of the above is not rally a reason, but who wanted to end with number 9. Though since all of this bears repeating the 10th reason is see the first 9:)

Have further thoughts on why WordPress is or isn’t a great platform for building websites?  We’ve love to hear from you. Finally, if you’re looking for a professional to put a WordPress website together for you, contact us tod

When you add up a lot of these features, you find that your WordPress site can grow with you over the years.  You can of course easily upgrade it with new features and additional security. You can add a new theme without redoing your whole site. You can add new plugins for enhanced functionality.



Restaurants, Using Mobile to Grow Your Business

RKF Search Results is working with clients to take advantage of the rapidly expanding mobile marketing revolution. It is creating great opportunities for an unlimited variety of industries and players, and restaurants are one of the best examples. Mobile apps, mobile websites, QR codes and more, are all part of the contribution to the growth of restaurants’ bottom lines.

Although each of these things can be perceived as just another headache, they actually lead to real, tangible and important benefits to the bottom line and opportunities to increase it. By utilizing a few simple web mobile apps, a restaurant can reap increased profit features. Here are some basic strategies that any restaurant can implement:

Mobile Apps / Mobile Sites

Mobile apps, one for each section of your menu, a master one with app providing those sections for access. Ordering capabilities on that app for pick-up and delivery with email and/or texting confirmation. These options WILL help a restaurant in an amazing way to boost business, especially from existing customers. For those existing customers that are fans of your restaurant, getting them to access your Mobile app / Mobile site is fairly easy. This can be implemented via QR codes in your establishment on on all outside advertising. (If they need a little push, you can offer them incentives such as entry into a contest, or coupons.)

After that, you have a lot of choices about what you want your app to do. Apps can allow customers to:

• View menu items and daily specials

• Submit orders for delivery or pickup

• Make reservations

• Submit comments and feedback

• Post to your social media profiles

• Obtain coupons

• Participate in loyalty and reward programs

• And more

These functions aim towards increasing your orders, visits, customer base, buzz, customer satisfaction, and ultimately of course, revenue.

While current methods like direct e-mail are older, helpful marketing efforts for the computer user, an app is something fans can engage more conveniently from anywhere. In addition, the convenience of an app can’t be overstated. Our mobile devices are always with us now, and as usage is and will continue to increase. The value of mobile connections and experiences will increase as well.

Mobile Websites

When people search for your business on the Web from their devices, and they don’t get a mobile website, you’re in trouble. An advantage of RKF Search Results is your Mobile Friendly website automatically adjusts to your mobile device. This is referred to as a “responsive website” People tend to quickly flee from sites that aren’t mobile friendly and head right over to competing websites.

Have RKF Search Results create a smooth, simple, functional mobile site. In addition, this is a great way to open up a new way for customers to FIND YOUR restaurant.

Similar to an app, a mobile website can serve a number of functions. While some restaurants prefer ultra-basic sites that just have their name and number, for a little more investment, RKF Search Results will a create user-friendly mobile sites that perform the app functions listed above. Accordingly, mobile app opportunities cannot be ignored, especially by restaurants that are in need of revenue growth.

QR Codes

A third mobile strategy is to make use of QR codes. If you haven’t seen one, a QR code looks like this:

These can be placed on ads, in your storefront window, or elsewhere, and they enable customers to scan them with their mobile devices. Once scanned, the customer is taken to a website on their mobile device, and can take any action they might normally take on a website.</span/>

For example, a customer can scan your QR code, view your online menu, place an order if they want. As with the strategies discussed here, QR codes open up an unlimited variety of opportunities.

The quickly expanding mobile devices are the limit!

RKF Search Results is a website design, hosting and Internet marketing company




These questions help RKF Search Results serve new Clients

Here are the questions RKF Search Results asks of New Clients to serve them BEST!

1) Do you have PC or Mac?

2) What web browsers do you use?

3) What do you use for email? Do you have more than one account?

4) I use WordPress for ALL my client’s sites, as it is THE BEST way  to do a website?

5) Do you already have a domain registered and hosting account? It’s best if you don’t because I generally handle that for my clients having been in the industry since 1995 and use the best options for that for my clients.

6) Did you have a look in mind for your website? If so can you direct me to that address?

7) What software on your computer do you currently use comfortably?

8) Do you consider yourself pretty quick learner?

9) Have you ever used a PC or always a Mac?

10) Do you use a smart phone? If so, iPhone or Android?



Gmail and Your Business Email

Utilize rkfsearchresults.com to assist you with your ACTUAL Business E-maill address using Gmail. For more info, read on 🙂 If you’re using webmail such as; Yahoo, Gmail or similar and your using it as @yahoo.com, @gmail.com, contact

For years I have not been a big fan of webmail. Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, G-mail, etc. One reason being that I didn’t want to have to be connected to the Internet to be able to view it.  Professionally I feel it more important from a marketing and branding position, you didn’t used to be able to use them to show your business email address when sending.  Although you could have your business email address when people emailed you and have that forward to your AOL, Yahoo and those listed above but you could not reply as such, which I felt, could not only confuse the recipient, the client/customer or PROSPECTIVE client/customer, but perhaps cause them to ignore it, unless the “Subject” of the email got their attention.

I used to always use Outlook Express (aka OE), or at least Outlook. I preferred OE as it used less computer resources. Though either of these is good for effective management of email and again, manage online or offline.

With the advent of the newer Windows operating systems, use of OE was replaced by Windows Mail, Live Mail etc. I was also one of those who had lots of trouble with Thunderbird, though I loved it’s predecessor Eudora.

Unless you use Outlook these days and with the way Internet connectivity is MUCH more predominant these days, management offline is less of  problem. The better approach as I am now doing is having my namastewebsites@gmail.com account configured to receive AND send emails from mailto:Rick@rkfsearchresults.com. If you also want this, contact me about configuring this for you.

RKF Search Results is a website design, hosting and Internet marketing company.




Always Updating Management Functions My Clients Websites

Ultimate Security WordPressAs  part of the hosting RKF Search Results provides for it’s clients includes updates of functions on a regular basis. Some are SEO (Search Engine Friendliness) some are for better editing functions. RKF Search Results answers many questions not only with a message, often with  video explanation or tutorial as the answer. With the Internet changes taking place so frequently, it’s important to keep up to date on the trends to take advantage of opportunities before others do, or at least before most do.

Today RKF Search Results became aware of a plugin (software that adds function or additional flexibility to WordPress.) That is power packed with security and traffic monitoring features that are incredible. Some of these features assist with protecting your WordPress website with RKF Search Results from Hackers and as RKF Search Results says, some for monitoring traffic in addition to features already in place. If you’re a RKF Search Results client. It’s in place as of today. If you’re not yet a client, when you become one, you will reap the benefits that RKF Search Results offers it’s clients every day! 🙂

  • Scans core files, themes and plugins against WordPress.org repository versions to check their integrity.
  • See how files have changed. Optionally repair changed files that are security threats.
  • Scans for signatures of over 44,000 known malware variants that are known security threats.
  • Scans for many known backdoors including C99, R57, RootShell, Crystal Shell, Matamu, Cybershell, W4cking, Sniper, Predator, Jackal, Phantasma, GFS, Dive, Dx and many many more.
  • Continuously scans for malware and phishing URL’s including all URL’s on the Google Safe Browsing List in all your comments, posts and files that are security threats.
  • Scans for heuristics of backdoors, trojans, suspicious code and other security issues.
  • Checks the strength of all user and admin passwords to enhance login security.
  • Monitor your DNS security for unauthorized DNS changes.
  • Includes a firewall to block common security threats like fake Googlebots, malicious scans from hackers and botnets.
  • Rate limit or block security threats like aggressive crawlers, scrapers and bots doing security scans for vulnerabilities in your site.
  • Choose whether you want to block or throttle users and robots who break your security rules.
  • Includes login security to lock out brute force hacks and to stop WordPress from revealing info that will compromise security.
  • See all your traffic in real-time, including robots, humans, 404 errors, logins and logouts and who is consuming most of your content. Enhances your situational awareness of which security threats your site is facing.
  • A real-time view of all traffic including automated bots that often constitute security threats that Javascript analytics packages never show you.
  • Real-time traffic includes reverse DNS and city-level geolocation. Know which geographic area security threats originate from.
  • Monitors disk space which is related to security because many DDoS attacks attempt to consume all disk space to create denial of service.

RKF Search Results is a website design, hosting and Internet marketing company.






Is The Phone Number On Your Website Dial-able?

When you go to yourTouch Phone Dialing website on a cell phone, is the number click-able for calling? If not, it should be. Talk to your webmaster or call RKF Search Results. Even more important is that your website is best viewed on phone if it is Mobile Friendly. That’s one of the new features RKF Search Results focuses on in putting your Internet Presence together.

In addition, having a mobile sitemap of your website submitted to Google. This would go along with a content sitemap and and images sitemap. These combine to make your site rank higher and provide you more business.

To RKF Search Results, having done Internet marketing since 1995, this would be an important feature for Restaurants and or Food Take-out and delivery. Specialty Food Stores. These establishments having their mobile friendly website with  menu. People ordering online via their phone for pickup or delivery to their home.

Stacy Sossner Organics is another who now has this and her customers LOVE IT!!

Contact RKF Search Results for more info:

Is Your Website Mobile Compatible Yet?

Take Your Website MobileMobile marketing is here to stay. RKF Search Results is advising those many businesses don’t yet realize that both consumers and businesses are more frequently now accessing information through through a variety of smartphone and tablet devices.  This shift has fundamentally changed the way information is now accessed. It is NOW time for All industries to adapt their marketing efforts to keep up with competitors.

“Fifteen years ago, the question was ‘do you have a website’? Over the next five years, the prevailing question is changing to ‘do you have a “mobile-friendly” website’?”

Here are the surprising statistics that may motivate you to upgrade to mobile compatibility:

  • 194,000 iPhones are now sold per day; 500,000 Android devices were activated per day in 2011
  • The average smartphone user views up to 24 Web sites visits per day
  • 40% of tweets are being sent via mobile; 33% of Facebook posts are being sent via mobile
  • Mobile searches increased by 130% in Q3 2010
  • By 2015,  statistics are showing that American will use 50+% more mobile than PC

What does it mean to “go mobile?” How can your business  draw in new customers and entice repeat business from existing customers by creating a powerful mobile marketing platform?  Here are some steps you can take to take advantage of the mobile bandwagon and start benefiting:

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly: Your website must be easy to read on a mobile device, and products should be easy to purchase if you sell online. It’s the usual numbers game.  Those who update their websites to appear and work optimally within the majority of these ‘mobile’ contexts will engage, satisfy and capture a larger number of customers than competitors who do not.
  2. Build your mobile database: Contacting your clients on their smartphones is powerful because it is intimate and personal. Customers MUST Opt-In to have permission to contact someone on their mobile device. Being transparent about how you will reach out via mobile, and provide benefits like discounted last minute appointments as well as special promotions that allow you to reach out via the mobile method. Text reminders and last minute benefits are valuable to your clients – inform them about the benefits of your mobile outreach!
  3. Utilize QR Codes: Include a QR code (“quick response code”) in print marketing that links to your mobile-friendly website. You can generate and print your own QR codes for free, for others to scan, by visiting one of many sites that generate them. QR codes can connect a person equipped with a smartphone to not just text or contact information, but also to email, IM, SMS, a web site, or a cell phone number.


Be on the lookout for future blog posts from RKF Search Results where more details will be provided.

Looking for help with your mobile efforts?