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Are you still paying for changes to your website?

WebmasterApologies if I offend any other webmasters out there,  I’m about empowering my clients to take care of simple tasks on their own while I help them with better functionality or other more technical assistance.

As I say on this website, I’m about empowering my clients to be in charge of managing their own content using a CMS. CMS stands for “Content Management System“.  Not all that  many years ago, getting a website done like this was many thousands, often tens of thousands. Now that can be set up as your website for a whole lot less. Your webmaster only has to install, configure and work with you for establishing what look and feel to use.  The database and code development is no  longer necessary. Hope you didn’t pay that much recently and still not have that ability?

If you see the other info on  my site here NamasteWebsites.com you know I build WordPress websites for my clients. The ones who couldn’t appreciate what WordPress could do for them, decided to discontinue. I said, I wish you well. Those who trust my experience as a Webmaster since the Internet became available to the public in 1995 I say hop on for the ride as WordPress has become and is expanding as the most used platform on the Internet. There are two other contenders for this distinction. Joomla and Droopal. Those are both good systems, however I’ve found Joomla terribly difficult to manage. I as one of the webdesign pioneers saying that means bad idea. That’s not to say that it’s not powerful. I just find it a pain, so why would I want to suggest my clients us it. Drupal is worse. But don’t take my word, take a look at this link for a comparison of the 3. http://www.techi.com/2011/07/open-source-wars-wordpress-vs-drupal-vs-joomla/

For ease of use, maximum SEO performance and support popularity, why use any other. It cost the same as the others, $0.00. The cost to you as my client is my time to set it up and guide you in it’s use, and maintenance.

For more info, please contact me at via text at 561-287-0060, email mailto:Rick@rkfsearchresults.com or facebook

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Videos for Marketing

Though Blogging is an important part of marketing yourself as is having a Fanpage, Video is a big plus to having people find you. Though putting a video in your Blog and on your Fanpage is an added bonus.

In seeing others doing this however I’ve noticed they’ll sometimes upload the video directly to Facebook. Though this is ok, you’ll get the best bang for your upload if you sent it to youtube and stream to your blog and/or Fanpage. Though Facebook has the highest traffic on the Internet now, connecting the two High Traffic sites, Youtube and Facebook, is your best shot.

Also, keep your videos short. Closer to 1-2 minutes is best. There is a 5 minute limit but you don’t want to go anywhere near that. Get people’s attention, and be short and sweet. Long introductions are best avoided. Lots of shorter videos are better than a vew longer ones.

More to come on this, there are other ways to make a video and not. I’ll do videos on this as well soon. Let me know what you’d like to see..

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Beware of that Hosting Company

Website Hosting Tips

Your website hosting is an important component of your online presence. When I say beware of that hosting company, it is because even if a hosting company is popular, definitely does not make it the best.  Also be sure one yu may be looking at is not a part of EIG. Use this link to check. If so, stay away.
The problem with them is they are a large company who has been buying what WERE good or decent hosting companies, and changing them to be more profitable. Doing so by reducing infrastructure, customer and tech support for a better bottom line.

If you’re one who is either starting, or changing your website and you would like a free consult regarding that and EVERY aspect of your Internet presence, I’m happy to give my honest professional opinion. I invite you to check with me on your plan and your goals. If I believe you’re good with what you’re doing, I’ll tell you that. Yes I want your business though my rule is as I give honest advice, it will serve both of us best. I’m not the best fit for everyone though if I can, I’ll help you find the best fit for you. Also I should mention that it is your best bet to do your site or have it done using WordPress. I use that exclusively for all my clients as well.

The popularity of WordPress is growing quickly, so much so that big efforts have started to find WordPress sites to hack into. Though that sounds scary, it really means that the popularity makes it VERY worthwhile for hackers to do so. Doing in static HTML, what I refer to as the old system, though fine, is not as good for search engines, as search engines, particularly Google now favor websites done in WordPress. There are a number of security measures one can take to prevent these hacking campaigns and whom ever you go with for your website, should be utilizing them. I will cover that in a separate post as well. One other, though there are many reasons to have your website on WordPress is that YOU can do your own editing and updates. Though this is pretty straight forward, I provide custom tutorial videos for my clients to help them utilize this VERY powerful feature. You don’t need to use an HTML editor or upload changes and new pages to the server. For updates you only click the “Update” button, or for new pages, “Publish” to make it live. You can also just leave it there for a bit and it will become an automatic “draft”, showing in your page list in your admin area until you decide to “publish it. I have a list HERE to see the advantages of WordPress for your website.

I WILL tell you that in comparing other services out there, I feel RKF Search Results will provide the best bang for your buck. With you’re website you’ll have to consider your domain registration (www.yourwebsiteaddress.com) and it’s as important to use a good company for that as for your actual website hosting. Though for this post I’m covering the hosting, domain registration will be a separate post. Your hosting does not have to be with the same company as your domain registration, which is confusing to many. That being said, now to what to be aware of with hosting.

First, when looking for hosting, you’ll want to make sure:

  • The hosting is on Unix or Linux. WordPress does not do well on Windows servers and Unix and Linux are the most stable.
  • It uses cPanel for your account control panel, if they use another and especially if it’s they’re own proprietary system, it’s best to use cPanel. It’s been the standard in the industry for many years.
  • It will host your WordPress site. Ask them to show some URLs (Website address) of WordPress sites. If they say they don’t do that, go elsewhere. I encountered that recently with a host that I found among the worse.
  • Make sure your account hard drive space and bandwidth are sufficient for your needs. That’s usually not a problem these days as it used to be. Many refer to that as being unlimited. In reality they do have limits though most hosting accounts will easily manage with what they allocate.
  • Good tech support. You can more easily tell this by doing a search on them. The way I do is using: “Reviews” or “Complaints” and the hosting company web address. This is really a good thing to do. Sometimes you’ll see good, most results will be if there are complaints. I just did a search using complaints for and got my posts regarding what this page used to say of “Beware of That Hosting Company”. That of course will change. RKF Search Results provides tech support to it’s clients. One of the advantages to having a good webmaster is if problems arise, the webmaster will likely get it solved faster than you can, knowing how to address it and what to say to tech support. Another reason to use a good webmaster is that they will usually solve problems before they come up.


That’s about it. Would love your feedback on this. Below will be links to the items I mentioned above that are not covered here though are important for your Internet Presence.

Please feel free to comment here. Or contact me via my Facebook, call or text to 561-287-0060.

Thank you, love any comments.

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Rick Figley of RKF Search Results

Rick Figley, founder of RKF Search Results

In the interest of sharing about myself being totally humble without ego or boasting, I was one of the first architects of the Internet once it became known as the World Wide Web, aka www. I became a webmaster almost before that term was coined for those who design websites. In fact though I was one from the beginning with my already existing computer and software knowledge, it took me a while to be comfortable with that term. I worked for 3 Internet companies before going on my own in 2001 when the DotCom crash occurred. In working on my own I  did contract with a couple more as well. I have been involved in most every aspect of the Internet and experienced all the changes it has gone through. I am knowledgeable in all aspects of your Internet presence, especially in what to do and how to get your site up quickly and productively. Also in respect to marketing yourself and getting traffic to your site.

Going Back Further:

I have been involved in computer technology since 1977 when I was first experimenting and building my own simple circuits mostly with integrated circuit chips (IC Chips). In 1982 I got my first home computer an Atari 800. Some (I would) call it the best home computer on the market for the time. Competitors were Radio Shack’s TRS 80, one from Timex and a couple others. After using that for about 3 or 4 years, I got my first PC which ran DOS (Disk Operating System). By 1991 I got an Amiga home computer, mostly known in Europe but was the first home computer be able to do Video Production which is what I used it for. Mostly for adding titles and animations to the videos I shot and edited using 2 S-VHS decks with and edit controller. I was contracted with the local cable company, who is now Comcast, but at the time, Broward Cable, whereI was hired to shoot comission meetings, parades, rodeos and other special events and some in studio shoots when they needed. I also networked with others who used the Video Toaster. Known now in the industry as the revolutionary change that moved the $20,000+ video production studio to a $5000 box. The Video Toaster was used for the TV show Seaquest 2032 starring Roy Scheider also back in 1993 – 1996.

In 1995 the Internet went commercial. This came about because of the fall of the Soviet Union and the computer network that it was, had been previously called ARPAnet (Advanced Research Projects Agency network). It was originally designed to be a communication network that would survive a nuclear war. It was being used at the time strictly for educational institutions for exchange of research data and government agencies for communication and documentation over distances. Ironically email was an afterthought of the project. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the network began being used for commerical purposes and the name chnaged. When I learned of the “birth” of the “Internet” and the protocol of the “World Wide Web” being available to utilize links and images as well as the possibilities of multimedia, it was clear to me  once connection speed increased that video would be a great way for broadcasts to be done in the future. With my computer and understanding of some of information technology I became aware through a friend of the power of building websites for clients.

I have been through many transitions and projects since I first began and after making big changes in my life, the biggest one in recently meeting my Soulmate have started RKF Search Results. I am about helping people who want to get their passions out there to do so in the best way that is true to who they are. That is what I am now doing for myself more than I ever was, but was always about helping people, but doing so in a better way now for both me and my clients.


RKF Search Results and your Seasonal Presence

Today’s post is about your Internet presence and the Holidays. Some businesses would benefit greatly from giving their website a seasonal look to recognize the holidays. We see Google doing that with their logo all the time. Well you can do the same. Adjustments can be made with your Header, your colors, background, different elements to enhance the way your site grabs their attention when they visit your site.  Beacuse your site is WordPress driven this becomes an easy process.

Let RKF Search Results guide you to any level you need if you want to make this happen. We can do it all, adjust certain things, create certain graphics etc.

p>Empower yourself and your Business’s Internet Presence by contacting me, Rick Figley at mailto:Rick@rkfsearchresults.com
, text or call at 561-287-0600.

WordPress For Your Internet Presence

Though I used to use DreamWeaver to build websites, once I learned of the power of WordPress for not only it’s out of the box (although there really is no ACTUAL box) functionality and giving my clients the ability to easily update their own websites I realized it as the way to go.

Many webmasters don’t like it because they feel they’re losing the business of updating clients sites, but the reality is when empowering you the client to make your own changes, it gives me, your webmaster opportunities to focus on actual consulting on what to do to help you increase the functionality and other improvements that will make your website more productive.

Also WordPress for the most part speeds up the process of getting your site together fairly quick to a god professional look..

Empower yourself and your Business’s Internet Presence by contacting me, Rick Figley at mailto:Rick@rkfsearchresults.com
, text or call at 561-287-0600.

If you like what RKF Search Results is about, LIKE the RKF Search Results fanpage.





Top Reasons I use WordPress for my Client’s Websites

Top 4 Reasons I use WordPress for my Client’s Websites

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)– WordPress provides good search engine optimization (SEO) right out of the box. There are a few tweaks you need to make, but there are many seo benefits that WordPress provides for free. In fact Google’s own Matt Cutts says WordPress is “made to do SEO well” in this video: Matt Cutts gives tips to small business owners.


Adding or Updating Your Website Content – it is easy to update content on your website without knowing HTML.  Do you hate the idea of having to learn to use a complex HTML editor tool like Dreamweaver? Do you have to “ask” your webmaster every time you want to make a small change to your website? Well no longer – once WordPress is set up for you, you can easily create new pages or edit existing pages using a simple rich text editor.



Custom Website Features– There is a thriving ecosystem of developers creating plug-ins for appearance and functionality– imagine free theme additions, or the ability to extend your website with polls, contact forms, ratings or hundreds of other cool features without having to pay a ton of money for development.  If  you need assistance or want to do yourself, WordPress is in my professional opinion the best way to go with your website.


Support and Guidance WordPress makes it easier for me, your webmaster, to provide updated functions and flexibility to your website. Easier in that additions that used to cost several hundred or thousands of dollars can often be done for less than a hundred to a couple hundred dollars!



Contact me, Rick Figley, for more info at mailto:Rick@rkfsearchresults.com,

my Facebook, call or text me at 561-287-0060

Welcome to RKF Search Results

This is the first post for this website. I’ve been contemplating this for some time and just recently realized how I wanted to implement it. I will follow this post with others I’ve posted previously from my other website where my Internet Services were not exclusive to my other talents, but realized in order to present what I offer with my Internet skills and knowledge, having a separate presence is important so as not to co-mingle as I was doing previously.

I always love comments and feedback so please send me responses and or questions. I love to answer questions and to clear up many misconceptions that are out there.

RKF Search Results