Video Tutorials

Using a business model of helping guiding clients to manage their Internet presence, RKF Search Results has and will soon be expanding on Video Tutorials.  This will be guidance to being in charge of your website and on a number of computer operations.

Some of the RKF Search Results Video Tutorials will be on WordPress, Internet and other computer tasks.  WordPress is the leading platform these days for implementing your website. WordPress is the best for improving search engine friendliness aka. SEO and the easiest Interface for maintaining your website on your own. Using WordPress via Namaste websites for your blog is another topic that is important. Additional Video Tutorials on integrating your website with Social Media.

Video Tutorials are a proven powerful way to learn many things. Computer operation and Website Management certainly among them. The videos will cover all aspects of these tasks.

RKF Search Results can help take you to a higher level of Internet Marketing than you may be able to on your own and our Tutorial Video to be a big part of that.

Current Video Tutorials are free.  More to come will have a small fee of a few dollars and deals with packages. generally based on the details provided.

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