Why Neil Patel?

Why Neil Patel?

Only in the last few months have I become aware of Neil Patel , http://neilpatel.com and his teachings to help boost your online presence. I can tell you that having been in the business since 1994 both for a number of companies and on my own, that his teachings are totally valid and very valuable. Some of what he teaches I knew already, though a lot I did not. In many ways for me, he’s helped fill in some gaps. Something I’ve immediately learned is consistency, one of my biggest challenges. At times when I’ve had projects that needed to be completed, I’d lose my consistency. That’s part of my Why for Why Neil Patel?

One of the other important things, I knew, though wasn’t sure how important it is, building your email list. One of the ways of doing that is to offer something for free to get an email list. I had offered discounts, though giving something away is much more powerful. Building an email list is about THE most important thinks to do. In everything you do, you must learn about doing whatever you need to make your content as viral as you can. In asking for email addresses, page content, blog content etc. Viral can be in wording, images, video and more. In his teachings he provides more info on that. The point is the more viral you can be, the faster you can grow. What is “Viral”? That content that is shared… a lot! The more heavily it is shared, the better your results.

Neil provides a number of tools (websites) to use to help make your Internet marketing more powerful. Most are free. Though I’d been using Google for my clients websites. There are tools there I didn’t even realize were there.

You absolutely owe it to yourself and your business to get plugged into as much as you can with Neil.