Are you being found well in Google?


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I help Clients with their Google My Business accounts. Provide your Email and website address or above and receive a free evaluation of your current status with Google. I also help you get more Google Reviews by providing you with a link to Email your customers so they go straight to your Google review form

If you’re not already using a Google My Business account (GMB), or it may not be optimized for best results. An effectively optimized  GMB account with WordPress for your business, would be an important change. Migration of your website to WordPress can also be done and  I have migrated 10’s of websites to WordPress.

I can do a free evaluation of your website if you like. I almost always find ways a WordPress website can be improved AND same with your Google My Business account. Fill out the form above.

WordPress Platform is the best in the WORLD to build your website on. 

It is NOW a fact that 30% of all the websites in the world are on WordPress. There are a number of reasons for that, First of which is it’s Google friendliness.