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is run by me, Rick Figley. I am one of the original webmasters from back in 1994. That’s the same year the “www” protocol was implemented. I started building websites back then for the first company called Outernet.
Following that I  worked for a few other companies until 2001, when the “.com” crash happened. I, like many others working in the industry lost my job. Because I felt I knew more than most of my previous bosses, I decided to begin working on my own, getting my own clients. At the time I had already begun working independently with clients while working for the last company as there was no conflict.

By 2006 I began using WordPress which is a CMS, aka Content Management System for the websites I did and realized it was the future platform for the industry. Turns out I was right as it now powers 30% of all the websites in the world. When you consider how many of them there are, about 644 million. Pretty impressive.

I have built websites in a number of industries so I can handle most anyone’s website desire as well as for promotion of services and products. Many businesses do not realize that if they provide services, there are possibilities of products they can be selling as well. Even if not theirs, those of someone else. This allows ways for their website to be working for them, even while they sleep.

In addition, they an create videos about what they do and how they do it. Many do not realize how good that can be for their business. Not only bringing in MORE business or selling what they’r offering on their site. For example RKF Search Results has a YouTube channel showing some of what is done with WordPress. Some would hesitate to share how they do something if it allows others to do what THEY do, however it often helps to bring more business. RKF Search Results can help you determine more ways to benefit from your website. Take a look at the blog section to see more. There are MANY options of how a business website can be used to generate more income for the owner than they realize.

In recent years, I realized the demand for websites had decreased due to a number of online possibilities for businesses to build their own websites, or others to do at lower cost. It became clear that the need for effective Internet marketing via Google was in higher demand. Google made changes in their tools. I had been building WordPress websites with SEO in mind from the ground up for a while, though tools had changed and the need to utilize them for existing and new clients became evident. So in the past year, I have been refocusing from building websites, to doing Google marketing for them. So the company name. RKF Search Results had been the perfect fit is now even MORE the case. I also discovered that in one of the changed Google products, Google Maps as now Google My Business aka GMB and the 3-Pack. That is also known as the Snack-Pack and the Local-Pack. It began as the 7-Pack, though with Google focusing more on Mobile Phones, the 7-Pack was not fitting well on that screen, so it was changed to the now 3-Pack. So RKF Search Results is NOW more about a business top ranking presence on Google and getting them in the 3-Pack or at least the top of the first page of Google.

A bit more about my past

Of course as I said, I began with the Internet in 1994. I was 35. I was doing Independent video production and contract work with the local cable company. Part of the video production included doing graphic images and some graphic animation. I began working with computers in 1983, when I bought my first personal computer. It was an Atari 800. Not many people knew that Atari sold a computer as well as a game machine. Like the game machine, it used a TV for it’s monitor. On it I was able to do Word Processing and some computer programming using the Atari Basic cartridge.

When in college,  I took Fortran and IBM Basic as part of my Pre-Electronical Engineering education. Before that I majored in Music because of my previous background playing guitar and other instruments. I began guitar lessons when  he was 7 and continued for 12 years, having taken from 4 different teachers. When in Junior High (Now called Middle School) I played clarinet and in High School, the french horn. I also played my guitar in by High School and college Jazz bands. Of course my main instrument was guitar.