Ultimate Security WordPressAs  part of the hosting RKF Search Results provides for it’s clients includes updates of functions on a regular basis. Some are SEO (Search Engine Friendliness) some are for better editing functions. RKF Search Results answers many questions not only with a message, often with  video explanation or tutorial as the answer. With the Internet changes taking place so frequently, it’s important to keep up to date on the trends to take advantage of opportunities before others do, or at least before most do.

Today RKF Search Results became aware of a plugin (software that adds function or additional flexibility to WordPress.) That is power packed with security and traffic monitoring features that are incredible. Some of these features assist with protecting your WordPress website with RKF Search Results from Hackers and as RKF Search Results says, some for monitoring traffic in addition to features already in place. If you’re a RKF Search Results client. It’s in place as of today. If you’re not yet a client, when you become one, you will reap the benefits that RKF Search Results offers it’s clients every day! 🙂

RKF Search Results is a website design, hosting and Internet marketing company.