Your website hosting is an important component of your online presence. When I say beware of that hosting company, it is because even if a hosting company is popular, definitely does not make it the best.  Also be sure one yu may be looking at is not a part of EIG. Use this link to check. If so, stay away.
The problem with them is they are a large company who has been buying what WERE good or decent hosting companies, and changing them to be more profitable. Doing so by reducing infrastructure, customer and tech support for a better bottom line.

If you’re one who is either starting, or changing your website and you would like a free consult regarding that and EVERY aspect of your Internet presence, I’m happy to give my honest professional opinion. I invite you to check with me on your plan and your goals. If I believe you’re good with what you’re doing, I’ll tell you that. Yes I want your business though my rule is as I give honest advice, it will serve both of us best. I’m not the best fit for everyone though if I can, I’ll help you find the best fit for you. Also I should mention that it is your best bet to do your site or have it done using WordPress. I use that exclusively for all my clients as well.

The popularity of WordPress is growing quickly, so much so that big efforts have started to find WordPress sites to hack into. Though that sounds scary, it really means that the popularity makes it VERY worthwhile for hackers to do so. Doing in static HTML, what I refer to as the old system, though fine, is not as good for search engines, as search engines, particularly Google now favor websites done in WordPress. There are a number of security measures one can take to prevent these hacking campaigns and whom ever you go with for your website, should be utilizing them. I will cover that in a separate post as well. One other, though there are many reasons to have your website on WordPress is that YOU can do your own editing and updates. Though this is pretty straight forward, I provide custom tutorial videos for my clients to help them utilize this VERY powerful feature. You don’t need to use an HTML editor or upload changes and new pages to the server. For updates you only click the “Update” button, or for new pages, “Publish” to make it live. You can also just leave it there for a bit and it will become an automatic “draft”, showing in your page list in your admin area until you decide to “publish it. I have a list HERE to see the advantages of WordPress for your website.

I WILL tell you that in comparing other services out there, I feel RKF Search Results will provide the best bang for your buck. With you’re website you’ll have to consider your domain registration ( and it’s as important to use a good company for that as for your actual website hosting. Though for this post I’m covering the hosting, domain registration will be a separate post. Your hosting does not have to be with the same company as your domain registration, which is confusing to many. That being said, now to what to be aware of with hosting.

First, when looking for hosting, you’ll want to make sure:


That’s about it. Would love your feedback on this. Below will be links to the items I mentioned above that are not covered here though are important for your Internet Presence.

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