Website/Internet Services Policies for RKF Search Results

RKF Search Results is run by Rick Figley, one of the first Webmasters began doing websites back in 1995 soon after the Internet went commercial. Rick has been involved in most every aspect of the Internet.  After careful consideration dealing with clients both original to Rick and others who came to him after previous webmasters, has established these operating policies as the best way to utilize his talent and most effectively provide the best service to you, the client or prospective client.

As every client is to be appropriately compensated for what they offer, Rick in turn is as well. These policies are in effect as of October 19, 2011 for all clients, current and new.

These policies are to be reviewed and agreed upon by client or potential client before anything is officially discussed about the project.

First thing before any meeting is scheduled is to get list of items they want done for their website.

All clients must host with RKF Search Results as that is one of the ways you get the best service as you deserve.

All tasks for projects, short term and ongoing are documented via email or FB Inbox messaging. Texting for tempory communiction cn be done, though duplicated vi email or FB Inbox messaging for best centralization.

Mostly all communications before, during and after project are done by Facebook Messenger, Email and texting. Phone calls, Skype and online screen sharing are done for clarification and/or instructional purposes as needed. In addition, custom videos or visual illustrations are done by Rick to answer questions of doing edits, or adding content.

No work is started without all items clearly broken down in documentation and an agreed upon deposit has been made via PayPal account.

Checks or cash are not accepted for payment unless agreed upon previously.

Any deposit is no less than 1/3 of estimated total or $100, which ever is greater. More simply put, all deposits are $100, minimum.

Any additional items will be added to previous and charged for the additional time required to implement. Payment of additional items are receivable at time of request.

If  previous stated items are removed by client prior to completion of project, cost of total project will not change, though items may be replaced with another same or lesser value. Rick had to invest time in the total project from the beginning. Some research or software investment was made before item is cancelled so must be compensated for that.

(this is similar to canceling a booked appointment with any professional without ample time for that professional to book that time for billing someone else for that time)

Projects started as from an existing website, such as I’m replacing previous webmaster or similar, additional $30-$100 will be charged for accessing said content. This will usually be covered in the list of items, but seeing this as my policy I feel is a good approach.

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