Google My Business, AdWords, Google Console & Analytics

In talking about Google My Business, AdWords, Google Console & Analytics, you’ve likely heard of all these SEO tools that Google makes available. Though AdWords cost when used once you start a campaign, the others do not other than you may need to pay a professional to do them the most effectively. The purpose of […]

Google Local 3-Pack is where you WANT YOUR Business seen

Google 3-Pack is where you WANT YOUR Business seen!!   Yes, you want your business in the Google Local 3-Pack of right? You may be saying, what’s the Google Local 3-Pack? You probably already know and just didn’t know what it was called. In reality, if you do any searching online aka Google (That’s where […]

QR codes, Powerful Marketing

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Can Google See Your Website?

Every once in a while I get a client who realizes that there seems to be a problem finding their website in searches and wants advice how to correct this. Had a client recently who actually just wanted to get them connected with Social Media and doing blogs. In reviewing their website I found something […]

Your website – Starting or changing…read this first

I’ve been in the Internet business since 1995.  I have experienced and seen pretty much everything, great and not so great.  With that I’ve learned the pitfalls and how best to express my desire to provide the most bang for your buck. Your website – starting or changing is what I help all my clients with. […]

To Blog or not to Blog? Definitely Blog!!

Blogging is without doubt one of your most effective marketing tools for a small business. It is easy, cheap and powerful. And yet often it is ignored for it’s business potential.   One of the major frustrations of the last few years has been my inability to persuade my clients to blog consistently. Here are […]

Want Software to Design your Own Website?

The Automated Web Designer This is the  only Web design automation software that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique Website templates and Blog themes. * Design awesome WordPress Blogs and professional Websites in Minutes * Easy to Use * No need to learn Photoshop, CSS, HTML or other technologies * Export as WordPress Theme or CMS […]

Web Design, vs. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Web Design, SEO, Search Engine Optimization Of course people know a web designer is someone who designs websites. Many have heard of a Web Programmer and SEO. Most are not clear of the difference between a web designer and a web programmer. Another aspect of Internet consulting is SEO aka “Search Engine Optimization”. Web Design, […]

Are you still paying for changes to your website?

Apologies if I offend any other webmasters out there,  I’m about empowering my clients to take care of simple tasks on their own while I help them with better functionality or other more technical assistance. So by saying Are you still paying for changes to your website? I’m letting them know they can if they want, […]

Videos for Marketing

Videos for Marketing Though Blogging is an important part of marketing yourself as is having a Fanpage, videos for marketing is a big plus to having people find you. Of course putting a video in your Blog and on your Fanpage is an added bonus. In seeing others doing this however I’ve noticed they’ll sometimes […]