Google My Business, AdWords, Google Console & Analytics

In talking about Google My Business, AdWords, Google Console & Analytics, you’ve likely heard of all these SEO tools that Google makes available. Though AdWords cost when used once you start a campaign, the others do not other than you may need to pay a professional to do them the most effectively. The purpose of […]

QR codes for effective SEO

QR codes have been around actually 20 years when a subsidiary of Toyota began using them for managing auto parts. In my last blog post I shared how useful QR codes are for marketing your business. Basically connecting your business’s printed information, business cards, post cards, ads etc, to your Internet presence. Though I’d been […]

QR codes, for promoting your business

Are you using QR codes to promote your business? What is a QR code? QR stands for Quick Response and is a code that is scanned with a smart phone using a QR scanner App. To the left is the QR code for this page. Use your phone to scan it via a QR code […]

Have Your Website on WordPress, Top 10 Reasons

Have Your Website on WordPress, Top 10 Reasons   1. Automattic is an Awesome Company, and it Takes Care of the WordPress code. Reason 1  to have your website on WordPress. These guys write amazing code, protect open source programming, fight spam, host affordable and educational conferences, take security seriously, and seem like genuine nice guys. […]

Always Updating Management Functions My Clients Websites

As  part of the hosting RKF Search Results provides for it’s clients includes updates of functions on a regular basis. Some are SEO (Search Engine Friendliness) some are for better editing functions. RKF Search Results answers many questions not only with a message, often with  video explanation or tutorial as the answer. With the Internet […]

Your Fanpage, Your Business Presence in Facebook

Your Fanpage is one of your most important aspects of your online presence. Many businesses will spend a lot of time with their website and neglect the advantage of having their professional presence on the most trafficked website on the planet. Some do, have one but it’s barren. It’s important to add a banner (Cover) […]

Is Your YouTube Video Getting Traffic to YOUR Website?

Take a look at the video that you or a video producer did for you to put on YouTube for your website. If  someone did it for you,  is it on YOUR Youtube Channel or the video producer’s? It’s ok  if  it’s on theirs. Unless you feel you’d like to make changes to it, description […]

Can Google See Your Website?

Every once in a while I get a client who realizes that there seems to be a problem finding their website in searches and wants advice how to correct this. Had a client recently who actually just wanted to get them connected with Social Media and doing blogs. In reviewing their website I found something […]

Your website – Starting or changing…read this first

I’ve been in the Internet business since 1995.  I have experienced and seen pretty much everything, great and not so great.  With that I’ve learned the pitfalls and how best to express my desire to provide the most bang for your buck. Your website – starting or changing is what I help all my clients with. […]

Klout? Na, Nevermind.

  Klout? Na, Nevermind. Connecting with the Major Social Media sites is an important part of Your Internet presence. Though I’ve been Internet consulting in one way or another for many years, I recently began doing business as RKF Search Results. This was done as a way of changing from running my business in a […]