Copy and Paste a URL/Website Address

There are times you’ll  come across a website that you’ll want to share with others, though if there is not a share “link” you may be at a loss  to know how to  do it? Hopefully this will help you accomplish that

Copy and Paste is one of the most used tools and one of the most powerful. Here is a quick video to show you how. Please give your feedback on this and/or ask any questions.
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If you haven’t been using copy and paste previously to share a URL a.k.a. Website address, perhaps this has helped you understand how simple and useful it is. It is no doubt a very simple way to assist you with editing a document of any kind. It would help for moving, copying, editing and a helpful tool  in just about every kind of rearranging of content in a document. Of course it s helpful for grabbing content from any website to share and exchange with others. One thing when sharing  content, it is always recommended that when doing so, you give credit to the author whom it was copied from.

[whohit]-Copy and Paste a URL-Website Address-[/whohit]