Disable WordPress Comments in PagesDisable WordPress Comments for Pages

Yesterday I was made aware that a website I did quite a few years ago had a setting that was enabling comments to be made on pages. This was very strange in that I haven’t had to deal with that for years. I used to use a plugin long ago to disable WordPress comments for pages so that I wouldn’t have to turn it off on each page in the site. There is also a setting for in the admin menu to turn it off globally for the site. I found this as illustrated in Google when doing a search for that. I did as it said though it didn’t correct the issue. So I had to research to find that plugin. After a few searches, I did find it,  installed and configured it. As you can see it has several options for how it will be implemented. One option it has that I would not recommend using though is for it not to appear in posts. This allows for interactivity with your blog readers, which in my professional opinion makes your blog a more powerful marketing tool. You see the top setting which will also disable globally for all posts and pages. Per my previous recommendation I recommend not using that either.

That being said, though still not sure why I needed it. If anyone knows why, I’d love to know.  Of course everyone experiences, new things in there work, there’s always something new to learn no matter how long you’ve doing it. Per what I said earlier, would love your comment(s).