Utilize rkfsearchresults.com to assist you with your ACTUAL Business E-maill address using Gmail. For more info, read on 🙂 If you’re using webmail such as; Yahoo, Gmail or similar and your using it as @yahoo.com, @gmail.com, contact

For years I have not been a big fan of webmail. Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, G-mail, etc. One reason being that I didn’t want to have to be connected to the Internet to be able to view it.  Professionally I feel it more important from a marketing and branding position, you didn’t used to be able to use them to show your business email address when sending.  Although you could have your business email address when people emailed you and have that forward to your AOL, Yahoo and those listed above but you could not reply as such, which I felt, could not only confuse the recipient, the client/customer or PROSPECTIVE client/customer, but perhaps cause them to ignore it, unless the “Subject” of the email got their attention.

I used to always use Outlook Express (aka OE), or at least Outlook. I preferred OE as it used less computer resources. Though either of these is good for effective management of email and again, manage online or offline.

With the advent of the newer Windows operating systems, use of OE was replaced by Windows Mail, Live Mail etc. I was also one of those who had lots of trouble with Thunderbird, though I loved it’s predecessor Eudora.

Unless you use Outlook these days and with the way Internet connectivity is MUCH more predominant these days, management offline is less of  problem. The better approach as I am now doing is having my namastewebsites@gmail.com account configured to receive AND send emails from mailto:Rick@rkfsearchresults.com. If you also want this, contact me about configuring this for you.

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