Google 3-Pack
is where you WANT YOUR Business seen!!


Google My Business Postcard RKF Search Results
Google My Business Postcard RKF Search Results

Yes, you want your business in the Google Local 3-Pack of right? You may be saying, what’s the Google Local 3-Pack? You probably already know and just didn’t know what it was called. In reality, if you do any searching online aka Google (That’s where most searches are done, right?). You’ve seen the Google 3-Pack also referred to as the Snack-Pack and Local-Pack. It is the most valuable space on the Google first page (Other than the paid ads). over 50% of the clicks for the first page of Google take place there.

It’s that box, 2 of them illustrated below, that are at the top left corner of the 1st Google page. The ones highlighted are 2 of my clients. This is great for them. I do need to help them get more reviews though that process has already started. I can do the same for you. Before you can get here though, you need to have a Google My Business account. Already have a Google account though not sure about a Google My Business one? I can help you with that too. Go to my website and fill out the form, or text me at 561-287-0060. If you have one that’s unclaimed

Google 3-Pack, Local-Pack, Snack-Pack
Google 3-Pack, Local-Pack, Snack-Pack


Keep in mind, once it’s claimed, it also needs to be optimized.
Optimization requires that all your business information be entered.

This is referred to as your NAP. Name, Address, Phone.
Pictures of your business (Pics that are Geo-tagged  are most effective)
Establish back-links
Establish Citations, Citations need to have all your info, your NAP for each one duplicated exactly.
Also you’ll want to get a lot of positive reviews. There are ways RKF Search Results can help make that happen for you.

You may be saying, I serve my customers/clients from home. I don’t really need to rent an office. If you work from home, servicing your customers at their location. Google My Business will benefit you as well.

You have multiple locations? Excellent! You can utilize your GMB account to show those locations according to city or more than one location in a given 3-Pack.

You may already have a Google My Business account. As I said above, contact me and I can check that for you. Go to my website and fill out the form, or text me at 561-287-0060.