Google My Business by RKF Search Results
Google My Business by RKF Search Results

In talking about Google My Business, AdWords, Google Console & Analytics, you’ve likely heard of all these SEO tools that Google makes available. Though AdWords cost when used once you start a campaign, the others do not other than you may need to pay a professional to do them the most effectively.

The purpose of this article is to clarify how these tools work in your marketing for your business/company.

I will cover Google My Business last as it’s the most recent… sort of. Google Console and Analytics should be setup under their own gmail address. I, being a consultant/agency set one up for each client I do this for as their domain such as If you use a format like this for your business, I’d recommend to setup your address as and configure it with your gmail. Contact me if you’d like assistance with this.

First of all is Google console aka Google webmaster Tools (the old name). This is used to verify your website with Google. There are multiple ways to do this. The more ways you do, the better. Once done, it is recommended to go into the search menu on the left and go under Fetch as Google. For the home page, leave the field after the .com blank. There are two ways to do, one for the computer version, and one for the Mobile version. Do each separately. For each page of your website. This is of course assuming that you’re website has a different address for each page. If this not through a service like Wix, or one of the the property. Usually just one. Then on left menu you’ll see crawl, select  that, then Fetch as Google  done this, login and select easy to use online website builders, going further is a waste of time as they do not have separate pages. You can tell this if you go to other pages and the website address is just the domain and nothing following the .com. If that’s your situation. You can setup Analytics. Realizing of course that you won’t be able to see any stats for separate pages as Google will see your whole site as one page. You see, the problem with Wix and similar website builders is as far as Google can see is all the content in one page. These builders were not designed for good SEO. They were designed to easily build potentially a beautiful inexpensive website.

Now if your website is done with WordPress. Make sure you have the setting for permalinks turned on. I’m not quite sure why it’s not on by default as that is the built-in feature to make WordPress the most Google friendly website platform in the industry. The additional Fetch as Google for the other pages, by copying and pasting after the .com for each page, also once for computer and once for Mobile. As you may or may not realize, mobile has become more important to Google than the computer version. So this makes it actaully more important. As an FYI, when I am first putting together a website. With the very first page of content, usually the home page, I do this immediately since otherwise there’s no knowing how long before Google does so on it’s own. In addition, each time changes are made to the page, I do so again. In fact I will do so with this page shortly.

For WordPress, I also install 2 plugins. Yoast and Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP). Yoast is for on Site SEO and Google Analytics for seeing the Analytics info inside the admin for WordPress.

Google My Business Local 3-Packs by RKF Search Results
Google My Business Local 3-Packs by RKF Search Results

The last Google tool here is Google My Business (GMB). I refer to it as the last tool, though in reality it is more a renaming of a tool that used to be called Google maps. This refers to showing the geographical location for the business in question. To have your business to be found this way, you need to setup a Google My Business account. Alternatively, you may want to check first to see if you already have one.  To do so please contact me at Alternatively you may text me at 561-287-0060 0r even go to the home page of this site: and fill out the form.

Google My Business is a great tool for getting your website found on Google. Among the most valuable of places to have your business is in the 3-Pack, aka Local-Pack, aka Snack-Pack. It is illustrated above this text. Getting your business in here will bring you a much higher contact/phone call rate than pretty much anything else. Other than ads. This is particularly valuable when you have more than one location. Since with usage of key words combined with the city gives results of those businesses in that area. To be in that short list though, once you have a Google My Business account it will need to be optimized. This consists of a number of steps. First putting in ALL your business information. The main part is called NAP, for Name, Business name and Phone number. There is also ability to put in your hours of operation, more than an ability actually the hours of operation is a high recommendation. Especially for getting in the 3-Pack. Realize also that with a GMB account you can do so without a local business address. Like if you work out of your home versus an office, you can specify that in your setup as a business that delivers services or your products to the client and specify not to show your address. Note that if you d not select to not show your address, it not only will do that, it will show a 3-D view of the front of your house. Not a good idea. This can be changed of course, though it’s best to set it up correctly from the beginning.

One of the settings for optimization is the pictures. The best use of this is to Geo-tag all your images using one of a number of online resources for doing this. If you want to do, contact me for the best sources as I’m still evaluating them. What’s the purpose of this? In addition to dressing up you account with images to represent your services/branding. It reinforce with Google the location of your business. Getting the idea that Google wants reinforcement data for your location? Kind of like when you open a bank account and they want more than one for of ID. Same idea. Since there is a lot of fraud that goes on with people attempting to fake out Google….you get the idea.

Next is Citations, most know of citations being like a bibliography. The sources for example when used in an article. This is similar, except it’s with various directories. Some general, some specific to your industry. being one of the general ones. It the examples of NAP. Each of them havging a duplicate of your business info. When I say duplicate, I mean exactly. For example your street address having an Ave as part of it. That MUST be spelled exactly in each one, If you out Ave in your account, it should not deviate to Avenue elsewhere. It must be an exact match. That being said, it would be best with your phone number being separated by hyphens, not dots as some like to do mimicking Internet info since not all directories will not allow for that formatting. ALL must be an exact match.

There’s also Back-links, What are back-links? Those are links back to your website. The most powerful ones are from sites that have content related to yours. They can also be from social media sites, your social media sites and they help to give your domain more authority. Another powerful one is YouTube. YouTube because of the popularity of video linking from your videos on subjects that also link to pages on that topic are a part of the power. It has also been said that when setting up the site map using the Yoast plugin on WordPress and submitting it in Google Console. That sets up updates to Google to be automated. With that being done and doing lots of blog posts and/or adding, editing of pages that backlinks will happen automatically as lot of content being added, gets indexed fairly quickly, increasing domain authority.

So something I’d like to emphasize. With the Google tools mentioned here, it’s clear you’ll want to use all of them for your best Internet, particularly Google visibility. Though also mentioned that other platforms like Wix, GoDaddy Page Builder, SquareSpace and similar that aren’t particularly SEO/Google friendly without taking a lot of steps to improve that and even having done that as much as you can, still can’t compare to what can be done with WordPress as your website’s platform, doesn’t it make sense to be using WordPress to rank as well as you can in a search? Now while I’m mentioning those other platforms which are admittedly extreme examples since there are other well known CMS (Content Management System) platforms which WordPress is, like Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3, dotCMS and more. Though those are better from the perspective of creating separate pages and seeing them in the URL (Web Page address) vs the Wix and related examples that technically where all site’s pages are combined on one, therefore DEFINITELY interfering with SEO. WordPress is simply the best approach for covering all SEO bases.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, or 561-287-0060.