Have Your Website on WordPress, Top 10 Reasons


1. Automattic is an Awesome Company, and it Takes Care of the WordPress code.

Reason 1  to have your website on WordPress.
These guys write amazing code, protect open source programming, fight spam, host affordable and educational conferences, take security seriously, and seem like genuine nice guys. Before platforms like WordPress, getting a similar system would have cost thousands. Often 10’s of thousands and upgrading or making changes would cost hundreds if not more thousands. There are a few others now, though WordPress is ranked highest in many ways.

2. The Plugins Give You More Functionality

Reason 2  to have your website on WordPress.
Like Apps on your phone? WordPress offers and “App Store” like inventory of plugins. It’s a searchable, one-click install directory of plugins for WordPress. Other platforms like Drupal and Joomla offer plugin functionality, however in  getting the best bang for your buck, the smooth and thorough implementation of WordPress plugins is second to none.  Plugins allow the addition of great photo galleries, sliders, shopping carts, forums, maps, and more for great functionality.   Their code is loaded with hooks that allow developers to add their code to virtually any aspect of WordPress without editing the core. RKF Search Results handles this for the client though. For best performance since one can easily add too many plugins when one or two carefully chosen will work best.

3. The Visual Editor and CMS are Outstanding

Reason 3  to have your website on WordPress.
CMS stands for “Content Management System”. Which means YOU can do it. You don’t need your webmaster for that. Though many of my clients prefer to have me do it. The WordPress editor is the most user friendly, the back end of WordPress is probably what made it so popular in the first place. I’ll never remember the relief I felt when I first installed WordPress after a few Drupal  and Joomla experiences.  I often tell my clients, “if you can do it in Word, you can do it in WordPress.”  Actually, with the Paste From Word tool, that statement is more true ever (this article was written in Word).  WordPress is continually improving its CMS, adding features such as threaded comments, galleries, revision histories, trash, custom post types, and more..

4. Blog Included with Your Site

Reason 4  to have your website on WordPress.
WordPress really came to fame for blogging and is still considered by many to be a blog platform.  Those who feel that way though are behind the times. It has evolved to be the leading CMS in the industry  Aside from the amazing advances in WordPress as a CMS the blog functionality is still the best in the business.  With categories, tags, threaded commenting, gravatars, easy theming, widgets, fantastic moderation controls, anti spam solutions, and plugin infrastructure, you can’t find a better blog solution.  Utilizing the  blog on your WordPress site is a great way to attract and involve visitors, and to keep Google paying attention.  If you don’t need a full site, and just want a quick blog, WordPress is the way to go.

5. Themes Let You Style Your Site

Reason 5  to have your website on WordPress.
There are many themes available, though RKF Search Results designs their clients themes.  Some clients may want to use more than one theme, say one for most of the year and modified versions to reflect the season or holidays. Changing themes can be done in a few clicks. Also variations on the main theme can be done for  some pages.

6. WordPress Security

Reason 6 to have your website on WordPress.
In recent weeks, with the popularity of WordPress growing so quickly, it has now become a target for hackers. Has recommended a number of steps to ward off hackers. RKF Search Results has been doing those already and then some. With the recent attacks is taking even more steps to defy hackers utilizing collaboration with other WordPress webmasters.

7. Google Loves WordPress

Reason 7  to have your website on WordPress.This is one of the biggest reasons for using WordPress, other than the all impressive “You Can Edit your own Website” with the features of permalinks, and the easy linking in WordPress would be naturally attractive to Google.  It’s been said, straight from the horse’s mouth.  Matt Cutts, the other awesome Matt and the head of Google’s “web spam team” spoke at WordCamp SF 2009 and said it directly – “Google Loves WordPress”. After saying this for the last year, again he said “WordPress is a great choice”, he goes on to gush about how much WordPress helps you get better results.  We always recommend a conversion to WordPress when doing SEO.

8. WordPress Sites are Accessible

Reason 8  to have your website on WordPress.
WordPress sites are usually built on relatively simple and accessible technologies. The web pages render in HTML and CSS allowing them to show up on iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, iPad, etc.  It’s also easy for alternative browsers such as text only browsers (see Lynx) which are excellent for those with disabilities. RKF Search Results can add the feature of not only seeing your site on mobile, also making it mobile friendly in that it adjusts automatically to your mobile screen size. This is called a responsive website,

9. Your Site Can Grow With You

Reason 9  to have your website on WordPress.
When you add up a lot of these features, you find that your WordPress site can grow with you over the years.  You can of course easily upgrade it with new features and additional security. You can add a new theme without redoing your whole site. You can add new plugins for enhanced functionality.

10. All of the above.

Reason 10  to have your website on WordPress.
OK, all of the above is not rally a reason, but who wanted to end with number 9. Though since all of this bears repeating the 10th reason is see the first 9:)

Have further thoughts on why WordPress is or isn’t a great platform for building websites?  We’ve love to hear from you. Finally, if you’re looking for a professional to put a WordPress website together for you, contact us tod

When you add up a lot of these features, you find that your WordPress site can grow with you over the years.  You can of course easily upgrade it with new features and additional security. You can add a new theme without redoing your whole site. You can add new plugins for enhanced functionality.