When you go to yourTouch Phone Dialing website on a cell phone, is the number click-able for calling? If not, it should be. Talk to your webmaster or call RKF Search Results. Even more important is that your website is best viewed on phone if it is Mobile Friendly. That’s one of the new features RKF Search Results focuses on in putting your Internet Presence together.

In addition, having a mobile sitemap of your website submitted to Google. This would go along with a content sitemap and and images sitemap. These combine to make your site rank higher and provide you more business.

To RKF Search Results, having done Internet marketing since 1995, this would be an important feature for Restaurants and or Food Take-out and delivery. Specialty Food Stores. These establishments having their mobile friendly website with  menu. People ordering online via their phone for pickup or delivery to their home.

Stacy Sossner Organics is another who now has this and her customers LOVE IT!!

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