Google See Your WebsiteEvery once in a while I get a client who realizes that there seems to be a problem finding their website in searches and wants advice how to correct this. Had a client recently who actually just wanted to get them connected with Social Media and doing blogs. In reviewing their website I found something I see from time to time, in that there was really NO text in the content of their website. It was all in images. This video illustrates how to easily spot this. However to describe in words is good, so search engines will more easily see this as well, the video will help to clarify what I’m describing.

If you know how to click and drag, do so over some of the text, as if you were grabbing it to copy and paste to send to someone. If you can do this, then the test is as it needs to be. In fact, just putting your point over the text will change to a typing cursor from the pointer shape. No need to copy and past anywhere. That’s what the first part of this video illustrates.

If however, as in the second part, when you attempt to do this, the pointer does not change to a typing cursor and clicking and dragging does not allow you to highlight the text, then the text is in am image that search engines CAN NOT see. Actually I’ve seen often that the text is fuzzy, because of how the image saved, practically screaming that it’s an image instead of text.

When I discovered this issue with the client in question and shared that the site would really have to be redone, they were unsure of the desire to spend money on my time for that and only do the social media. The problem with that as with any project, website or other, you need a good foundation. A website without any visible text does not make for a good foundation to do anything else, before first, taking care of that good foundation to build from.

Most of the time I see this I realize the website was put together by a graphics person. Though a website CAN be build this way, it is basically a quick and easy way to do it. It is ok if you want to use this method to “prototype” a look, since doing a site using HTML can be restrictive in how it’s layout will go. You can often more quickly and easily do so with graphic arts than laying out with HTML and css methods.  However it is better for a site to look less fancy with good SEO content rather than fancy and search engines can’t see it.

I always want to achieve the most results for my clients since when they benefit from what I can do for them, it’s good for both of us. It’s important to not just do what they ask before letting them know what really needs done.