Is Your WordPress Website Safe?

Is Your WordPress Website Safe?

It came to my attention recently from an insider at a hosting company that many webmasters do not keep their clients websites plugins or WordPress updated. Not only that, some also have multiple domains on one hosting account using the same cPanel. This is a very BAD practice. I’ve even seen some hosting companies promoting the idea. I found that very strange. See the problem is if you have several sites on the same account, using the same cpanel, that makes all the domains more vulnerable to attack. If one gets attacked, they all do by default. So if you aren’t sure of the answer to Is Your WordPress Website Safe? Read on.

With these practices they also are not good about keeping their clients secure from hacking and they’re clients sites get hacked a lot.

Recently, I too have com across new clients who for whatever reason DO NOT feel it is necessary to back-up, protect an otherwise protect all their hard work and time invested to make sure it’s doesn’t all go POOF at some time just because others who have worked on their website never said anything. I’ve even sent articles to point out the importance of both of these issues and as intelligent as they are, for some reason, refuse to do this.

There are some that don’t realize why their website needs security. They don’t realize that websites get hacked for a number of reasons, not in search of financial information, they’re using server space, bandwidth and adding malware that allows them to network multiple websites they’ve hacked to do the same thing. I’ve seen sometimes the site replaced with porn. Many reasons to utilize the server space YOU’re paying for  that they are basically stealing from you.

In addition, I recommend to all you business owners, as one of the few web designers, SEO and WordPress website specialists who has been in the Internet industry since 1994, make sure you have admin access to your WordPress website(s). Not that you should touch anything though once you login you’ll be able to see if WordPress has any updates waiting or any plugins have not been updated.

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