Klout? Na, Nevermind.


Klout? Na, Nevermind.
Connecting with the Major Social Media sites is an important part of Your Internet presence. Though I’ve been Internet consulting in one way or another for many years, I recently began doing business as RKF Search Results. This was done as a way of changing from running my business in a different way, a way that was about empowering my clients and myself and therefore my business. Since RKF Search Results is a fairly new name for me to operate under I realized I needed to update my Twitter account, then of course LinkedIn. Those were good and important moves as an effort to get the name RKF Search Results out there.

In the process of doing this I came across Klout. I signed up for it, then as I looked at who my influencer’s were I said huh? Then in doing research I came across this article.

I will be removing that from my repertoire of Social Media Connections but wanted to do this post first.