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Google my Business has been around for a while. What isn’t really around is websites having links on their websites so visitors could go straight to the review forms of Google, Yelp and others like TripAdvisor where reviews can be posted. Something many business don’t realize is there may already be one for your business that isn’t claimed. If YOU don’t claim it, a competitor can. If you want me to check for you contact me at As I was about to begin writing this I looked at one for someone I know who works for a company, to discover that company not only had 3 GMB accounts for servicing different cities they’re in. All were unclaimed. They also had a Yelp account that was unclaimed. Same idea there, meaning someone else can.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, most websites do not have any links for giving a review. They should. Can people give you a review without that? Of course, though some are better than others in finding how to do that. As a business you’re probably aware of the concept of making it as easy as possible for your website visitors to do business with you. Making it easy to give a review is similar. You can provide reviews on your website as well, though they’re often more visible on Google, Yelp or the others and in actuality, the reviews on Google will often bring you more high quality traffic.

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Make it EASY to Get Google Reviews
Have Rick Figley of RKF Search Results make it easier to get Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor and other 5 star reviews about your business.
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