Make it easy to get Google, Yelp and More Reviews!

One of the important things to help the SEO for your business is getting reviews. Google and Yelp for starters as well as ANY other websites that you should establish back links for. YellowPages and others. An Important thing to be aware of is you want to be monitoring or Text/Call 561-287-0060

See below for, is your Google or Yelp account claimed? Also, do you have a Google or Yelp account? or Text/Call 561-287-0060

Is Your Google or Yelp account claimed?

Something many business owners do not realize is they may have an unclaimed listing with Google or Yelp. Let me know if you need to know how to check that, or if you want me to and show you. or Text/Call 561-287-0060

No Google or Yelp Account?

In addition, you may not even have a Google or Yelp account. Many are under the mistaken impression that Either of these have a cost to acquire. Google doesn’t , Yelp has a paid option, though it’s not necessary to benefit from it. If you have a business address, it’s a no brainier to have those and others.