Mobile Website, Responsive Website

A mobile website, or responsive website means the website adjusts it’s layout to be easy to view and read on a mobile device.  The mobile device being a smart phone or tablet computer. Mobile Website and Responsive Website are “buzz words” for websites that has been around for a couple years. With the visitors of websites using their mobile devices on an ever growing scale, making your business website a mobile website is an increasing necessity. Also having a separate mobile website version is what many are doing. This access for visitors will provide an edge over your competition. Or it may be to just keep up with your competition. 

Though your “regular” website can be mobile friendly, you would be well served having your mobile – responsive website being separate because though your regular website can be arranged to look great on a desktop/laptop computer, it may not flow well on mobile viewing. Often best to have two versions. In addition, having dedicated Mobile Website as a “Landing Page”. This Landing Page would be on just one of your products and/or services. Also a mobile site for groups of your products, or services. Directing your visitors to these products and service mobile sites provide information and making available for purchase. That’s one of the many ways your product driven mobile websites can make a difference in your bottom line.

There are some who would argue that not every business needs a mobile website though reports of studies from credible sources say otherwise. As the sales of smart phones increases, more and more people are using mobile devices for doing their Internet browsing. Those businesses not providing a responsive website for their business as part of their Internet presence are loosing out on those visitors using their mobile devices to go their website. If the site isn’t mobile, they will likely find one that is.

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