RKF Search Results is working with clients to take advantage of the rapidly expanding mobile marketing revolution. It is creating great opportunities for an unlimited variety of industries and players, and restaurants are one of the best examples. Mobile apps, mobile websites, QR codes and more, are all part of the contribution to the growth of restaurants’ bottom lines.

Although each of these things can be perceived as just another headache, they actually lead to real, tangible and important benefits to the bottom line and opportunities to increase it. By utilizing a few simple web mobile apps, a restaurant can reap increased profit features. Here are some basic strategies that any restaurant can implement:

Mobile Apps / Mobile Sites

Mobile apps, one for each section of your menu, a master one with app providing those sections for access. Ordering capabilities on that app for pick-up and delivery with email and/or texting confirmation. These options WILL help a restaurant in an amazing way to boost business, especially from existing customers. For those existing customers that are fans of your restaurant, getting them to access your Mobile app / Mobile site is fairly easy. This can be implemented via QR codes in your establishment on on all outside advertising. (If they need a little push, you can offer them incentives such as entry into a contest, or coupons.)

After that, you have a lot of choices about what you want your app to do. Apps can allow customers to:

• View menu items and daily specials

• Submit orders for delivery or pickup

• Make reservations

• Submit comments and feedback

• Post to your social media profiles

• Obtain coupons

• Participate in loyalty and reward programs

• And more

These functions aim towards increasing your orders, visits, customer base, buzz, customer satisfaction, and ultimately of course, revenue.

While current methods like direct e-mail are older, helpful marketing efforts for the computer user, an app is something fans can engage more conveniently from anywhere. In addition, the convenience of an app can’t be overstated. Our mobile devices are always with us now, and as usage is and will continue to increase. The value of mobile connections and experiences will increase as well.

Mobile Websites

When people search for your business on the Web from their devices, and they don’t get a mobile website, you’re in trouble. An advantage of RKF Search Results is your Mobile Friendly website automatically adjusts to your mobile device. This is referred to as a “responsive website” People tend to quickly flee from sites that aren’t mobile friendly and head right over to competing websites.

Have RKF Search Results create a smooth, simple, functional mobile site. In addition, this is a great way to open up a new way for customers to FIND YOUR restaurant.

Similar to an app, a mobile website can serve a number of functions. While some restaurants prefer ultra-basic sites that just have their name and number, for a little more investment, RKF Search Results will a create user-friendly mobile sites that perform the app functions listed above. Accordingly, mobile app opportunities cannot be ignored, especially by restaurants that are in need of revenue growth.

QR Codes

A third mobile strategy is to make use of QR codes. If you haven’t seen one, a QR code looks like this:

These can be placed on ads, in your storefront window, or elsewhere, and they enable customers to scan them with their mobile devices. Once scanned, the customer is taken to a website on their mobile device, and can take any action they might normally take on a website.</span/>

For example, a customer can scan your QR code, view your online menu, place an order if they want. As with the strategies discussed here, QR codes open up an unlimited variety of opportunities.

The quickly expanding mobile devices are the limit!

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