Rick Figley, founder of RKF Search Results

In the interest of sharing about myself being totally humble without ego or boasting, I was one of the first architects of the Internet once it became known as the World Wide Web, aka www. I became a webmaster almost before that term was coined for those who design websites. In fact though I was one from the beginning with my already existing computer and software knowledge, it took me a while to be comfortable with that term. I worked for 3 Internet companies before going on my own in 2001 when the DotCom crash occurred. In working on my own I  did contract with a couple more as well. I have been involved in most every aspect of the Internet and experienced all the changes it has gone through. I am knowledgeable in all aspects of your Internet presence, especially in what to do and how to get your site up quickly and productively. Also in respect to marketing yourself and getting traffic to your site.

Going Back Further:

I have been involved in computer technology since 1977 when I was first experimenting and building my own simple circuits mostly with integrated circuit chips (IC Chips). In 1982 I got my first home computer, an Atari 800. Some (I would) call it the best home computer on the market for the time. Competitors were Radio Shack’s TRS 80, one from Timex and a couple others.

After using that for about 3 or 4 years, I got my first PC which ran DOS (Disk Operating System).

By 1991 I got an Amiga home computer, mostly known in Europe but was the first home computer be able to do Video Production which is what I used it for. Mostly for adding titles and animations to the videos I shot and edited using 2 S-VHS decks with and edit controller.

I was contracted with the local cable company, who is now Comcast, but at the time, Broward Cable, where I was hired to shoot commission meetings, parades, rodeos and other special events and some in studio shoots when they needed.

I also networked with others who used the Video Toaster. Known now in the industry as the revolutionary change that moved the $20,000+ video production studio to a $5000 box. The Video Toaster was used for the TV show Seaquest 2032 starring Roy Scheider also back in 1993 – 1996.

In 1995 the Internet went commercial. This came about because of the fall of the Soviet Union and the computer network that it was, had been previously called ARPAnet (Advanced Research Projects Agency network). It was originally designed to be a communication network that would survive a nuclear war. It was being used at the time strictly for educational institutions for exchange of research data and government agencies for communication and documentation over distances. Ironically email was an afterthought of the project. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the network began being used for commerical purposes and the name chnaged.

When I learned of the “birth” of the “Internet” and the protocol of the “World Wide Web” being available to utilize links and images as well as the possibilities of multimedia, it was clear to me once connection speed increased that video would be a great way for broadcasts to be done in the future. With my computer and understanding of some of information technology I became aware through a friend of the power of building websites for clients.

I have been through many transitions and projects since I first began and after making big changes in my life, the biggest one in recently meeting my Soulmate have started RKF Search Results. I am about helping people who want to get their passions out there to do so in the best way that is true to who they are. That is what I am now doing for myself more than I ever was, but was always about helping people, but doing so in a better way now for both me and my clients.