Omnipotent need website as well.As you start your website or move it to another server deal with domain registration and hosting companies there is an important term  that comes into play mostly with a new domain and or website. The term is Propagation.  Propagation is when all web servers update their database to “know” where to get the website for your domain. In other words it takes some time for a new website  to be live at the domain. Also if you move your website to another server, the domain configuration has to be adjusted for that and propagation has to occur for that as well.  When Propagation has to occur for an existing domain, it “sometimes” takes longer than a new one.  But usually not more than an hour. That time is referred to as propagation. In the earlier days of the Internet the time required was 12 – 72 hours. Although domain and hosting companies still say this time frame, the reality is it shouldn’t take more than a few hours, tops.  If it does then there’s was a snag somewhere. The same can be said for moving your website or your domain.

Another point to be made is no one owns a domain. There is no way to get a domain that does not require “renewal” at some point.

Many get confused about domain name registration vs. website hosting. Domain Name registration is a service that provides the name that your website will be found by. Hosting is space that your website uses on a web server.  Also something many do not know is your email setups can be on one server and website on another. This can be a very powerful setup in that if you’re email needs are VERY specific, one hosting company may serve your needs better for your email and another better for your website.

Also many will register more domain names or extensions for their websites. By extensions I mean .com, .org etc. Realize though that if you’re forwarding any domain to another, ALWAYS do so from the domain registration account. This is better for your search engine results.

Both Domain Name and Hosting can be with the same company but don’t have to be.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you should have with the same company.  I have clients who get confused on this as well. There are domain registration companies that are best at that and it’s best to host elsewhere. Same goes for hosting companies who won’t be as good about registering your domain with.

I want to make you aware that if you have any questions about aspects of dealing with any aspect of your website, I want you to know I like answering questions on anything to do with it. Though using the services of Namaste websites is appreciated, my answers are not affected by that. Answering questions often gives me insights that help me serve my current clients,  better.

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