Have Your Website on WordPress, Top 10 Reasons

Have Your Website on WordPress, Top 10 Reasons   1. Automattic is an Awesome Company, and it Takes Care of the WordPress code. Reason 1  to have your website on WordPress. These guys write amazing code, protect open source programming, fight spam, host affordable and educational conferences, take security seriously, and seem like genuine nice guys. […]

Gmail and Your Business Email

Utilize rkfsearchresults.com to assist you with your ACTUAL Business E-maill address using Gmail. For more info, read on 🙂 If you’re using webmail such as; Yahoo, Gmail or similar and your using it as @yahoo.com, @gmail.com, contact For years I have not been a big fan of webmail. Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, G-mail, etc. One reason […]

Your Fanpage, Your Business Presence in Facebook

Your Fanpage is one of your most important aspects of your online presence. Many businesses will spend a lot of time with their website and neglect the advantage of having their professional presence on the most trafficked website on the planet. Some do, have one but it’s barren. It’s important to add a banner (Cover) […]

Paying it Forward to Farvision-Networks.com

Paying it forward to Far Vision Networks Network and Internet Security.  LIKE them at http://www.facebook.com/FarVision As an Internet Consultant I’m always grateful to connect with excellent computer networking professionals. Having been involved with computers since 1977, and more intensive operation and some programming in 1982, I’m pretty good at resolving my own computer problems, though […]

Videos for Marketing

Videos for Marketing Though Blogging is an important part of marketing yourself as is having a Fanpage, videos for marketing is a big plus to having people find you. Of course putting a video in your Blog and on your Fanpage is an added bonus. In seeing others doing this however I’ve noticed they’ll sometimes […]