Why Build an Email List?

Why build an Email list?   It is a well known fact in Internet marketing that “success is in your list”. By List, it is referring to your Email List. Why build an Email list? The answer is simple, it is your MOST IMPORTANT and MOST POWERFUL marketing tool. You may ask, why not do […]

So What is Social Media Marketing and Social Media Marketing Strategy?

What is Social Media Marketing What is Social Media Marketing? When it comes to Social Media Marketing, you of course want to make sure you maximize each and every single post to get the best reach.  If you’ve wondered if there’s a best time to do your social media marketing posts, there is. One of the best […]

Your Fanpage, Your Business Presence in Facebook

Your Fanpage is one of your most important aspects of your online presence. Many businesses will spend a lot of time with their website and neglect the advantage of having their professional presence on the most trafficked website on the planet. Some do, have one but it’s barren. It’s important to add a banner (Cover) […]

Is Your YouTube Video Getting Traffic to YOUR Website?

Take a look at the video that you or a video producer did for you to put on YouTube for your website. If  someone did it for you,  is it on YOUR Youtube Channel or the video producer’s? It’s ok  if  it’s on theirs. Unless you feel you’d like to make changes to it, description […]

Videos for Marketing

Videos for Marketing Though Blogging is an important part of marketing yourself as is having a Fanpage, videos for marketing is a big plus to having people find you. Of course putting a video in your Blog and on your Fanpage is an added bonus. In seeing others doing this however I’ve noticed they’ll sometimes […]

Rick Figley of RKF Search Results

Rick Figley, founder of RKF Search Results In the interest of sharing about myself being totally humble without ego or boasting, I was one of the first architects of the Internet once it became known as the World Wide Web, aka www. I became a webmaster almost before that term was coined for those who […]