Mobile Website, Responsive Website? Should You Create a Mobile Website?

Mobile Website, Responsive Website A mobile website, or responsive website means the website adjusts it’s layout to be easy to view and read on a mobile device.  The mobile device being a smart phone or tablet computer. Mobile Website and Responsive Website are “buzz words” for websites that has been around for a couple years. With […]

Domain Names, Hosting and SEO, Oh My!!

Domain Names, Hosting and SEO, Oh My!! Having served website clients since 1997 (started as a webmaster in 1994,  soon after the Internet went commercial, working for the third Internet company by 1997),  I always provided hosting because back then, you really only had one place to go to just register a domain. At the […]

Want Software to Design your Own Website?

The Automated Web Designer This is the  only Web design automation software that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique Website templates and Blog themes. * Design awesome WordPress Blogs and professional Websites in Minutes * Easy to Use * No need to learn Photoshop, CSS, HTML or other technologies * Export as WordPress Theme or CMS […]

Are you still paying for changes to your website?

Apologies if I offend any other webmasters out there,  I’m about empowering my clients to take care of simple tasks on their own while I help them with better functionality or other more technical assistance. So by saying Are you still paying for changes to your website? I’m letting them know they can if they want, […]

Beware of that Hosting Company

Your website hosting is an important component of your online presence. When I say beware of that hosting company, it is because even if a hosting company is popular, definitely does not make it the best.  Also be sure one yu may be looking at is not a part of EIG. Use this link to […]