Blogging is without doubt one of your most effective marketing tools for a small business. It is easy, cheap and powerful. And yet often it is ignored for it’s business potential.


One of the major frustrations of the last few years has been my inability to persuade my clients to blog consistently. Here are the most common reasons against blogging and some good answers to them.

“I’m uncomfortable with the concept of blogging”

Blogging. part of your Internet Presence which is easy to add content to. And the important point is: adding content on a regular basis to a website gives people reason to return.  Also important, it gives search engines the idea that it’s alive and kicking, giving you better response.

A website that doesn’t get updated regularly is dead, dead, dead! Nobody cares about it, no one will visit it.

“There are a gazillion blogs already. Why start another?”

Those who don’t blog don’t see the point. “There are people doing that already,” they say. “What are you doing now?” I say. Watching TV? There are people doing that already. Working in a job you don’t like? There are people doing that already. Surfing the internet? Ah, there are lots of people are doing that – wouldn’t it be better if you were adding to the debate rather than being on the sidelines just watching it?

“I’m not sure I know what to write about”

Oh? Do you now share with others of experiences with clients or customers you deal with.  Blog about some of your success stories. Blog about problems that you realized a solution on.  In your blog posts, include your contact information. Blog about specials you are running and the benefits of them. Know that the more you talk on the more opportunities of search engines to see and contact you.

One of the beauty of blogs. Many won’t read them if they aren’t any good.  Practice in the open.

Find a way to write an article every week. RKF Search Results can help with ways to make this easier to help you “find your voice”. You will find yourself doing research for your articles to make them useful and accurate, you’ll learn how to balance information with entertainment. You’ll see what’s good about others in your field and be more aware of their techniques and style.

Write about what you do and you will benefit in two ways. Firstly, actually writing about a subject will increase your knowledge as you have to research and check your facts. And secondly, people interested in your particular expertise will come to your website in increasing numbers, this will help you gain a better business profile, clients/customers and of course, make more money.

One of the MANY ways RKF Search Results can help you with your blogging is providing the ability to schedule your blog posts.  You know how sometimes you have lots of information flowing that would be great to share with your existing clients/customers and others that you end up never getting out there? Often, in writing several blog posts, additional info in a different direction comes to mind.  In doing several all at once, then scheduling their publishing time and date.  I’ve have found also, as has been happening with me today, looking at past blog posts I’ve done, reminds me of other topics to write on.  An idea to help you realize how it can actually flow well and be productive for your business.

It will be original because it’s by you. And you’re unique in the whole universe. And the reality is: the more you write, the better you get  and the more subject matter you’ll realize to write about. So worrying about content won’t be an issue.


“I don’t have the time”

You can’t afford to NOT take the time. Your competitors are blogging. If you hate your job you’re not going to get anywhere without an effective website presence that your blog will help make happen.

When a large organization find your services and skills valuable to them where you fill their requirements. Opportunities open up.

If you blog you have a permanent piece of web real estate where you can gradually and constantly add to your worth with article after article demonstrating your expertise.

Additionally, it doesn’t take much time! How long does it take you to write 300 words? 20 minutes? WordPress can be set up in 1 minute! You can use dictation software as well, if  you don’t like typing.

And, again, like anything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Really  just a matter of starting the habit and get into writing every every few days, or a week.


“I won’t see immediate results”

When we do things that are good for us we know we may not see immediate benefits. Same thing with blogging.

So, often in life we need to sacrifice present comfort for future gains. And, blogging is like this? Well, no, not at all really.

For starters, blogging is more enjoyable than you initially realize. You are involved in creating something for the benefit of yourself and others – that’s a pleasurable experience and an inexpensive way to market yourself.

One way however of seeing more instant gratification. Is by using Google Analytics and keep an eye on it while blogging. In Google Analytics, go to your Traffic Sources – Search – Organic and you will see that people HAVE been visiting your website as a DIRECT result of your blogging. The words they have entered in the search engines will be very similar to the titles and content of your blog articles.

“I’m already using social media”

You’re already using social media? Great! Happy with the results? Not really?

Those sometimes time consuming tasks of engaging and promoting through Twitter, Facebook etc.  should be a part to your blogging efforts, though not central to your marketing plan. You have to have something to promote on social media first and blog posts are ideal for this.

Adding social media buttons to your quality blog posts will be more effective than any amount of time spent promoting on social media.

If you don’t have a website, contact RKF Search Results for assistance.