Twitter, YouTube, good for traffic

Twitter and YouTube, if you want more traffic without paying for it are your best bets for getting more traffic to your website. They can be used individually and together. Doing Tweets with a video vs a picture has been showing to get better results than a picture alone. Again, Twitter, YouTube, good for traffic.

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Tweeting also can be done a LOT. You really can’t tweet too much, where with Facebook posts, it’s said you can. A good strategy for twitter is to use an app like Hootsuite which allows you to do automated tweets. Schedule a bunch ahead of time, create perhaps 12 – 20 and repeat them through the day. Depending on your industry there are certain times of the day that have shown to be best. In some industries, you can do any time of the day or night as much as you want. Be sure and use hashtags, they are VERY important. It’s best use the most popular ones for the words that apply to you or your business. Also when including LINKS, use a URL shortener to reduce the number of characters used. Bitly is probably the best one . Do not use the Google shortener. It is being done away with so you should just stop using now so as the links age they won’t become obsolete. There are more tips that I will be adding over the next few days.

Market on YouTube
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As for YouTube, there are a few rules of thumb for growing your channel. First one is, establish your niche. To grow your audience, it’s best if they know what you talk about and want to know more more about what you’re speaking on. Also doing uploads, at least a few times a week. If you can do every day or more than once a day, even better. If the idea of doing videos scare you, that is the case with many people, you’re not alone. Though many who do so, weren’t so comfortable in the beginning. They just knew it was a god and important thing to do toward their passion. As you may know and have a desire for, expressing your passion is an important thing everyone should be doing. If nothing else for your self growth. Though if you have a business you want to promote, that is a MUST!

Other than recording a video daily if possible, creating a good thumbnail for them is important too. If you can use Photoshop to create one, great, though there are easier methods if you can’t. is a website that allows you to create images for this purpose. Canva is free though also has options for using some images that you would pay for. It’s pretty easy to use so most anyone can do it. Alternatively you can check out YouTube for some guidance/instruction. That’s one of the incredible things about YouTube is that there is tons of videos to find out how to do most anything.




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by RKF Search Results and RKF Live Broadcasting. See the examples below of  websites RKF Search Results has achieved first page of Google search results.

Use the  key word searches shown for their FIRST PAGE GOOGLE result.

Search: permanent makeup boca raton
To See:

Search: organic vegan skin care delray beach
To See Stacy Sossner Organics

Here are examples of

How is this possible? Well one of the most important steps is the setup of Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Google My Business and getting a Google+ page.

Getting your business claimed at it’s address and verified via post card can get your business not only on the first page of Google, also at the top portion on the map with a letter/bubble.  “Prop rental San Francisco” shows you top of Google first page for The Prop House –


These are the steps to get your website also on the First Page of Google.

1) Get your WordPress  web site configured for both Google and Bing using WordPress SEO.
2) Set up Google My Business/Google+ Page, Webmaster Tools, Analytics
3) Claim and verify website ownership with Google.
4) Claim and Verify business with Google, verification is fastest done post card, within 2 weeks. (Usually only a few days)
5) Utilize the most popular specific key words for each page, and optimize respective pages with given Key Words.
6) In your Google account, use Google fetch and for each page. All steps done will be documented with screen shots of steps taken and image of Google postcard verification if that is the method used.
[whohit]-First page of Google  -[/whohit]