Videos for Marketing

Though Blogging is an important part of marketing yourself as is having a Fanpage, videos for marketing is a big plus to having people find you. Of course putting a video in your Blog and on your Fanpage is an added bonus.

In seeing others doing this however I’ve noticed they’ll sometimes upload the video directly to Facebook. Though this is ok, you’ll get the best bang for your upload if you sent it to youtube and stream to your blog and/or Fanpage. Though Facebook has the highest traffic on the Internet now, connecting the two High Traffic sites, Youtube and Facebook, is your best shot.

Also, keep your videos short. Closer to 1-2 minutes is best. There is a 5 minute limit but you don’t want to go anywhere near that. Get people’s attention, and be short and sweet. Long introductions are best avoided. Lots of shorter videos are better than a few longer ones. Keep in mind too, that you can make a video without pulling out your camera. Videos can just as easily be a slide show. Though this works best by using a video capture software. Many use Camtasia though that’s pretty expensive. There’s another I’ve used for years though recently upgraded t the latest one which is much better, It called ZDnet screen recorder.
Download  it and see for yourself. You can record any video, YouTube, segments from any video from your computer. You can select to capture the sound from your computer (speaker) or your microphone.

More to come on this, there are other ways to make a video and not. I’ll do videos on this as well soon. Let me know what you’d like to see..