Web Design, SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Of course people know a web designer is someone who designs websites. Many have heard of a Web Programmer and SEO. Most are not clear of the difference between a web designer and a web programmer. Another aspect of Internet consulting is SEO aka “Search Engine Optimization”. Web Design, SEO, Search Engine Optimization. These are all really different skill sets.

For this particular post I’ll talk on Web Design vs. SEO. The Web Designer is generally a graphics and layout person. Someone who does the layout of the content and the graphics around ot “holding” it. SEO is a totally different but very important animal. If SEO is not implemented, no matter how nice the design is no one may be able to find you.

That being said I recently have been working with a prospective client. With this prospect  I’ve been reviewing their needs of transitioning from a static site to a WordPress site. They had gone through a few webmasters since the site went online a few years ago and realized they needed to be able to make changes themselves. They’ve had their site for a while and want to keep it as is. I found the design and layout very unique and very creatively put together. However realized that as good as the site was done, the designer clearly had no understanding of how to make the home page search engine friendly. All the important content (text) was an image. When this is done, search engines can not read the content for indexing. This prospective client knew making changes would be a challenge, even for the webmaster, but had no idea that search engines couldn’t see any of the content, so any of the content searched for could NOT be seen by any search engine to provide them results.

One of the powerful things about WordPress is not only does it allow YOU the client to make your own changes, or actually add content, the links for it, navigation etc. but is the most search engine friendly platform to use as soon as it’s installed.

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