This is the first post for this website. I’ve been contemplating this for some time and just recently realized how important it is  to implement it. I will follow this post with others I’ve posted previously from my other website where my Internet Services were not exclusive to my other talents, but realized in order to present what I offer with my Internet skills and knowledge, having a separate presence is important so as not to co-mingle as I was doing previously.

I’ve actually been doing websites since 1994 so I’ve actually been at it for quite some time. Initially I did the old fashion way in HTML. In 2006 I began using WordPress and doing since. Once I started I realized there was no better way to go. WordPress covers the best of both worlds, an easy to use platform and a natural for the best SEO. When i did in HTML I implemented some page that clients could update in their own, though realized that was not really my strong suit. Implementation of websites, Hosting, Design and SEO is more in accordance with my skills.

I always love comments and feedback so please send me responses and or questions. I love to answer questions and to clear up many misconceptions that are out there.