What is Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing? When it comes to Social Media Marketing, you of course want to make sure you maximize each and every single post to get the best reach.  If you’ve wondered if there’s a best time to do your social media marketing posts, there is. One of the best ways to maximize the reach of your Social Media Marketing posts is knowing the best (and worst) times of day to share content.  Are you still asking, what is social media marketing? Part of it is choosing the correct time as outlined below for the different Social Media Marketing channels. These times actually are different from site to site, but  this article’s got you covered with an the list and traffic characteristics of each, showing the best and worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

Some of the social media marketing channels are targeted best for consumers and some more for business. Clearly LinkedIn is  for business. No surprise there.

Facebook builds after 9 AM and Peaks at 3 PM
Worst is 8 PM to 8 AM
Traffic decreases after 4 PM and avoid Posting on Weekends
Looks like most active is working time after lunch especially during that commoon 3 PM time when some parts
of the world are doing their siesta?

For Twitter similar to Facebook 1pm 3 pm being the best with 8pm to 9 am being the worst
Traffic builds after 11 AM
Peak time being Monday thru Thursday
Avoid posting after 3 pm on Friday

Conversely the best time to post on LinkedIn is 7AM to 9AM and 5PM – 6PM
Traffic builds before and after business hours with the PEAK times, those hours Tuesday through Thursday.
Traffic fades 9AM to Noon and 1PM through 5PM
Posting to LinkedIn is best avoided on Monday and Friday.

Google+ has it’s best posting hours 9AM to 11aM with traffic building after 9AM with it’s:
Peak time during work hours.
Wost time to post is 6PM to 8AM with traffic fading after 5PM.
It is best to avoid posting in Google+ in the evening.

Pinterest best posting times are 2PM to 4PM and 8pm to 1AM.
Traffic for Pinterest builds after Noon and Saturday mornings.
The worst times to post on Pinterest is 5PM to 7PM, Dinner Hours?
Pinterest traffic fades after 5 PM so avoid posting in the late afternoon.

Not surprisingly, it doesn’t look good for your reach on any social media marketing sites when you post while people are fast asleep.

This as you can see is not time zone specific as it’s relative to the area in question. So if your fan base in different parts of the country or world you’ll want to to spread out your tweets and do a little experimentation to see what works best.