Why build an Email list?


It is a well known fact in Internet marketing that “success is in your list”. By List, it is referring to your Email List. Why build an Email list? The answer is simple, it is your MOST IMPORTANT and MOST POWERFUL marketing tool.

EmailYou may ask, why not do posting for promotion with Facebook? Facebook ads are one thing, though just posting for the purpose of marketing is not as effective as an email blast. You may say, well I have almost 5,000 FB friends, so posting there will be seen by all of them, right? Not really. In reality posting to Facebook does not provide distribution to that many, because Facebook’s algorithms do not allow for that. Only about 5% of your FB friends will actually see it. There is of course, the Boost feature. Although this allows more of your friends will see, the percentage depends on how much you pay for your boost. The other problem is how many of your friends are a good target audience for what you’re promoting? For that reason, and there are other reasons, Boosting is really considered a wast of money. So between that and your actual friends, the distribution of your audience is severely restricted.  to mention, the constant scroll that happens limiting the viewership yet again. There is also Twitter. Twitter is good where you can do a ton of tweets, far more than is commonly ok with Facebook, though then again, that is scrolling too. In addition, if you want to provide any offers, Twitter is not usually good for that. There is also Pinterest and Instagram. Yes, good for spreading your message and possibly good for linking to your shopping cart, though all of these are best geared for getting people added to your mailing list.

This is where your Email list comes in. When you send emails, they are ALL delivered to your recipients. Now for your list, it’s best delivered to an email service like MailChimp or other email gathering and email blasting out to your list, or lists. You may ask, why not just send out in groups from my normal email client? As your list grows to hundreds and thousands, your this will not go over well with the provider of your email account. Not only that, you will be much better served by using a service like Mailchimp. Youwant to track these emails seeing what was delivered, opened, etc. Knowing this is an important aspect of your email marketing. You’ll want to have an auto-responder as well, a drip campaign, where automated follow-ups will occur.
For myself and my clients I’m currently using MailChimp. It allows for the first 2,000 contacts at no charge. As I just mentioned, you WILL want an auto-responder capability for $10/month.

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