I’ve seen many articles and videos supposedly explaining the difference between WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org. I’d have to say that many, perhaps most do a terrible job.

First of all they are both referred to as a platform. I do not really agree with that and I believe that’s part of the confusion.


WordPress.com is a platform.


WordPress.org is a resource.

WordPress.com you have your website on.

WordPress.org, as a resource, gives you access to the WordPress application software and a gazillion functional add-ons called plugins.

You don’t have a domain on the free version. It’s the-name-of-your-website.wordpress.com. You can register a domain to have it on, that makes it a paid version.

You register a domain and point it to the server you’ll use. I recommend NameCheap.com. In my professional opinion being in the business since 1994. They are the best.

You have 118 free themes to choose from. 199 premium themes ranging from $39 to $175.

You have thousands of themes to choose from, many free, many are premium.

You cannot use plugins.

Thousands of plugins for cosmetics, functions,  page builders, colors, fonts, social media, security, backups and much more.

The content is not yours, it becomes theirs. It can  be closed at anytime. If you publish something they don’t like, they can shut you down.

Your content is yours. Your are responsible though to maintain your hosting and do what you need to prevent hacking.

Selling of anything is limited. Ads are limited.

You can sell anything you want. E-commerce plugins are available for online payment. You can advertise anything you want.

Hopefully this has helped YOUR understanding of the WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org confusion? Would love your response below. Here are some links with more info. The point of this post is to clear up the biggest confusion of these two WordPress resources. 

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