I’ve been in the Internet business since 1995.  I have experienced and seen pretty much everything, great and not so great.  With that I’ve learned the pitfalls and how best to express my desire to provide the most bang for your buck. Your website – starting or changing is what I help all my clients with.

There are so many stories RKF Search Results has become aware of regarding others experiences with webmasters that RKF Search Results can improve on. Many webmasters out there have incredible skills in different areas.

There are many of  us who want to provide “The Best” service to our clients. One thing I do, that many don’t,  is handle the domain registration and hosting for ALL my clients. This my be a red flag to businesses who have been burned by other webmasters using this practice. Knowing this can be frowned on, I point out that I do this to serve my clients better.

One example of this is, one of my clients who was handling their own marketing and were doing pretty well with  that. Their domain was not registered through me and let their domain expire.  The website was down for months. They lost a good search engine ranking due to being down all that time. Now because I handle my clients’ domains and hosting, it’s easier do manage their presence.

In my first years of working with clients independently, I dealt with clients who required me to use the hosting they already had and it has always ended up being more work than it was worth and I couldn’t serve them as well as I can. Now if an existing or prospective new client decides they don’t want me handling their domain and hosting and I’ve had a couple of them, I graciously let go of the domain and their hosting since they won’t allow me to serve them in the best way I know how.

The reality is I’ve been in the business longer than most in the industry and I know what to look for in domain registration and hosting. That expertise is part of how I serve my clients better. When they ask for something like email setups etc., I can get it done quick. Better for them.

One of the things that has changed a lot in recent years is having a website that the client can maintain themselves.  Some webmasters do not like this because they feel it takes away from their bottom line, because they make money making changes to the clients site. Simple WordPress from RKF Search Resultschanges that are only adding or changing either a paragraph or page or two of content. While this can take away from that source of revenue, there are more important things a webmaster can do to benefit more from their client’s Internet Presence.

This was a bit of a concern for me when I began using WordPress as well. Though I knew the power of WordPress was worth foregoing that with the difference being making functionality and performance upgrades available. Though in reality, there are really a fair number of clients who still would rather have me make changes for them. Also is the reality not only is it better to recommend adding plugins that will improve either presence cosmetically or functionally, there is the educational tools I am making available, software, etc. There is really more to be made doing as much to empower and educate my clients than doing for them.